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16-Jun-2015Biocatalytic transformation and analytic characterization of bioactive vegetable substancesDelfino, Michela
3-May-2013Biotechnological processes for plant polyphenols upgradingMelone, Federica
2010Borate minerals and RNA stabilityCossetti, Cristina; Crestini, Claudia; Saladino, Raffaele; Di Mauro, Ernesto
2011Chitin and Chitosan anchored methyltrioxorhenium: an innovative approach for selective heterogeneous catalytic epoxidations of olefinsDi Giuseppe, Andrea; Crucianelli, Marcello; Passacantando, Maurizio; Nisi, Stefano; Saladino, Raffaele
2010Current advances in anti-influenza therapySaladino, Raffaele; Barontini, Maurizio; Crucianelli, Marcello; Nencioni, Lucia; Sgarbanti, Rossella; Palamara, Anna Teresa
30-May-2014Design and development of environmental friendly products and processes for food safety and biosensoringBozzini, Tiziana
2010An efficient and selective epoxidation of olefins with novel methyltrioxorhenium/(fluorous ponytailed) 2,2′-bipyridine catalystsSaladino, Raffaele; Ginnasi, Maria Cristina; Collalto, Daniela; Bernini, Roberta; Crestini, Claudia
16-Mar-2012Innovative approach to pharmaceutical biotechnology based on Layer-by-Layer techniqueGuazzaroni, Melissa
15-Jun-2017New biocatalytic and biomimetic processes for the synthesis of bioactive compounds: a green chemistry approachBizzarri, Bruno Mattia
2011A novel and efficient oxidative functionalization of lignin by layer-by-layer immobilised Horseradish peroxidasePerazzini, Raffaella; Saladino, Raffaele; Guazzaroni, Melissa; Crestini, Claudia
2010Oxidative Functionalisation of Lignin by Layer-by-Layer Immobilised Laccases and Laccase MicrocapsulesCrestini, Claudia; Perazzini, Raffaella; Saladino, Raffaele
2010Oxidative strategies in lignin chemistry: A new environmental friendly approach for the functionalisation of lignin and lignocellulosic fibersCrestini, Claudia; Crucianelli, Marcello; Orlandi, Marco; Saladino, Raffaele
2010Role of clays in the prebiotic synthesis of sugar derivatives from formamideSaladino, Raffaele; Neri, Veronica; Crestini, Claudia
2010The role of the formamide/zirconia system in the synthesis of nucleobases and biogenic carboxylic acid derivativesSaladino, Raffaele; Neri, Veronica; Crestini, Claudia; Costanzo, Giovanna; Graciotti, Michele; Di Mauro, Ernesto
2009A selective de-O-methylation of guaiacyl lignans to corresponding catechol derivatives by 2-iodoxybenzoic acid (IBX). The role of the catechol moiety on the toxicity of lignansBernini, Roberta; Barontini, Maurizio; Mosesso, Pasquale; Pepe, Gaetano; Willfoer, Stefan M.; Sjoeholm, Rainer E.; Eklund, Patrick C.; Saladino, Raffaele
22-Mar-2011Use of enzymatic catalysis in biotechnological applications for the valorisation of renewable resourcesPerazzini, Raffaella