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2012Current advances in the synthesis and antitumoral activity of SIRT1-2 inhibitors by modulation of p53 and pro-apoptotic proteins. CURRENT MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY,Botta, G.; Proietti De Santis, Luca ; Saladino, R.
2010Dimethyl carbonate (DMC)Barontini, M.; Bernini, Roberta ; Crisante, F.; Ginnasi Mc; Saladino, R.
2010An efficient and selective epoxidation of olefins with novel methyltrioxorhenium/(fluorous ponytailed)2,2-bipyridines catalystsSaladino, R.; Ginnasi Mc; Collalto, D.; Bernini, Roberta ; Crestini, C.
2016Free radical scavenging capacity and protective effect of natural substances in peloids from the thermal spring pool Bagnaccio (Viterbo, Italy)Saladino, R.; Chiocchini, U.; Botta, G.; Delfino, M.; Conigliaro, R.; Mosesso, Pasquale 
2002Fungal degradation of aromatic (mono-, polycyclic and halogenated) hydrocarbons in heavy metal-contaminated soilsDannibale, A.; Quaratino, D.; Ricci, M.; Persi, L.; Saladino, R.; Federici, F.; Petruccioli, M.
2017Laccase mediated enhancement of the antioxidant activity of propolis and poplar bud exudatesBotta, L.; Brunori, F.; Tulimieri, A.; Piccinino, D.; Meschini, Roberta ; Saladino, R.
2017Proton irradiation: A key to the challenge of N-glycosidic bond formation in a prebiotic contextSaladino, R.; Timoshenko Gn; Rozanov, A.; Krasavin, E.; Timperio, Annamaria ; Mauro, Ed.; Bizzarri Bm; Botta, L.; ≈†poner, J.; ≈†poner Je; Georgelin, T.; Jaber, M.; Rigaud, B.; Kapralov, M.
2000The Reactivity of Phenolic and non-Phenolic Residual Kraft Lignin Model Compounds with Mn(II)-Peroxidase from Lentinula edodesCrestini, C.; Dannibale, A.; Saladino, R.; Giovannozzi Sermanni, G.
2009A selective de-O-methylation of guaiacyl lignans to corresponding catechol derivatives by 2-iodoxybenzoic acid (IBX). The role of the catechol moiety on the toxicity of lignans. Org Biomol Chem. 2009 Jun 7;7(11):2367-77. Epub 2009 Apr 3Bernini, R.; Barontini, M.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Pepe, G.; Willfr Sm; Sjholm Re; Eklund Pc; Saladino, R.
2002Utilizzo di ceppi fungini nella degradazione di sostanze aromatiche (mono- e poli-cicliche)Federici, F.; Petruccioli, M.; Dannibale, A.; Quaratino, D.; Leonardi, V.; Ricci, M.; Persi, L.; Mincione, E.; Saladino, R.; Giovannozzi Sermanni, G.