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2008Co-evolutive models for firms dynamicsRotundo, Giulia; Scozzari, Andrea
2009Companies’ Decisions for Profit Maximization: A Structural ModelCerqueti, Roy; Rotundo, Giulia
2008Dynamical correlations in financial systemsPozzi, Francesco; Aste, Tomaso; Rotundo, Giulia; Di Matteo, Tiziana
2008Effectiveness of measures of performance during speculative bubblesPetroni, Filippo; Rotundo, Giulia
2010Firms clustering in presence of technological renewal processesCerqueti, Roy; Rotundo, Giulia
2007Generating synthetic time series from Bak-Sneppen coevolution modelsPetroni, Filippo; Ausloos, Marcel; Rotundo, Giulia
2010Memory Property in Heterogeneously Populated MarketsCerqueti, Roy; Rotundo, Giulia
2007Microeconomic co-evolution model for financial technical analysis signalsRotundo, Giulia; Ausloos, Marcel
2010Network analysis of ownership and control structure in the Italian Stock marketRotundo, Giulia; D'Arcangelis, Anna Maria
2009Network of firms: an analysis of the relevance of integrated ownership in market concentrationRotundo, Giulia; D'Arcangelis, Anna Maria
2010Neural Networks for Non-independent LotteriesRotundo, Giulia
2007On the maximum drawdown during speculative bubblesNavarra, Mauro; Rotundo, Giulia
2010Options with underlying asset driven by a fractional brownian motion: crossing barriers estimatesCerqueti, Roy; Rotundo, Giulia
2010Organization of networks with tagged nodes and biased links: A priori distinct communities. The case of intelligent design proponents and Darwinian evolution defendersRotundo, Giulia; Ausloos, Marcel
2010Ownership and control in shareholding networksRotundo, Giulia; D'Arcangelis, Anna Maria
2007Processi di rinnovamento nei cluster di impreseCerqueti, Roy; Rotundo, Giulia
2007Productivity and costs for firms in presence of technology renewal processesCerqueti, Roy; Rotundo, Giulia