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2008ASPIS, A Flexible Multispectral System for Airborne Remote Sensing Environmental ApplicationsPapale, Dario ; Belli, C.; Gioli, B.; Miglietta, F.; Ronchi, C.; Vaccari, F. P.; Valentini, R.
1999Evidence for the presence of only one cysteine residue in the D-type Low-Molecular-Weight subunits of wheat gluteninMasci, Stefania ; Egorov Ta; Ronchi, C.; Kuzmicky Dd; Kasarda Dd; Lafiandra, D.
1998Expression and functional analysis of Mr 58,000 peptides derived from the repetitive domain of HMW subunit 1Dx5Buonocore, F.; Halford; Shewry, P. R.; Bertini, Laura ; Ronchi, C.; Bekes, F.; Caporale, C.; Lafiandra, D.; Gras, P.; Tatham, A. S.; Greenfield, J.
2016The role of network creation and actor engagement in the adoption and diffusion of sustainable innovations in food value chainsPancino, Barbara ; Pascucci, S.; Blasi, Emanuele ; Ruini, L.; Ronchi, C.