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23-Jul-2021A green chemistry approach for the valorization of phenolic compounds found in agro-industrial wastes and by-products according to the circular economy modelClemente, Mariangela
2019An hydroxytyrosol enriched extract from olive mill wastewaters exerts antioxidant activity and antimicrobial activity on Pseudomonas savastanoi pv. savastanoi and Agrobacterium tumefaciensPannucci, Elisa; Caracciolo, Rocco; Romani, Annalisa; Cacciola, Francesco; Dugo, Paola; Bernini, Roberta ; Varvaro, Leonardo ; Santi, Luca 
2020An industrial and sustainable platform for the production of standardized powders and extracts enriched in polyphenols from Olea europaea L. and Vitis vinifera L. wastes: an opportunity for the biological and biomedical applicationsRomani, Annalisa; Campo, Margherira; Urciuoli, Silvia; Marrone, Giulia; Noce, Annalisa; Bernini, Roberta 
2019Anti-inflammatory effects of pomegranate peel extracts on in vitro human intestinal Caco-2 cells and ex vivo porcine colonic tissue explantsMastrogiovanni, Fabio; Mukhopadhya, Anindya; Lacetera, Nicola; Ryan, Maryon T; Romani, Annalisa; Bernini, Roberta ; Sweeney, Torres
2019Anti-proliferative effect of pomegranate peel extracts on bovine peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs)Mastrogiovanni, Fabio; Romani, Annalisa; Santi, Luca ; Lacetera, Nicola ; Bernini, Roberta 
2021Antifungal activity of hydroxytyrosol enriched extracts from olive mill waste against Verticillium dahliae, the cause of Verticillium wilt of oliveDrais, Mounira Inas; Pannucci, Elisa; Caracciolo, Rocco; Bernini, Roberta ; Romani, Annalisa; Santi, Luca ; Varvaro, Leonardo 
2020Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of pomegranate peel extracts on bovine mammary epithelial cells BME-UV1Mastrogiovanni, Fabio; Bernini, Roberta ; Basiricò, Loredana ; Bernabucci, Umberto ; Campo, Margherita; Romani, Annalisa; Santi, Luca ; Lacetera, Nicola 
2021Dietary Intake and Chronic Disease PreventionNoce, Annalisa; Romani, Annalisa; Bernini, Roberta 
2021Fruit Wastes as a Valuable Source of Value-Added Compounds: A Collaborative PerspectiveLucarini, Massimo; Durazzo, Alessandra; Bernini, Roberta ; Campo, Margherita; Vita, Chiara; Souto, Eliana B.; Lombardi-Boccia, Ginevra; Ramadan, Mohamed Fawzy; Santini, Antonello; Romani, Annalisa
2019Health effects of phenolic compounds found in extra-virgin olive oil, by-products, and leaf of Olea europaea L.Romani, Annalisa; Ieri, Francesca; Urciuoli, Silvia; Noce, Annalisa; Marrone, Giulia; Nediani, Chiara; Bernini, Roberta 
2021Hydroxytyrosol and Oleuropein-Enriched Extracts Obtained from Olive Oil Wastes and By-Products as Active Antioxidant Ingredients for Poly (Vinyl Alcohol)-Based FilmsLuzi, Francesca; Pannucci, Elisa; Clemente, Mariangela; Grande, Edoardo; Urciuoli, Silvia; Romani, Annalisa; Torre, Luigi; Puglia, Debora; Bernini, Roberta ; Santi, Luca 
2019Impact of gut microbiota composition on onset and progression of chronic non-communicable diseasesNoce, Annalisa; Marrone, Giulia; Francesca, Di Daniele; Ottaviani, Eleonora; Wilson Jones, Georgia; Bernini, Roberta ; Romani, Annalisa; Rovella, Valentina
2019In vitro studies on anti-inflammatory activities of kiwifruit peel extract in human THP-1 monocytesD'Eliseo, Donatella; Pannucci, Elisa; Bernini, Roberta ; Campo, Margherita; Romani, Annalisa; Santi, Luca ; Velotti, Francesca Romana 
2019Leishmanicidal activity of green tea leaves and pomegranate peel extracts on L. infantumImperatori, Francesca; Barlozzari, Giulia; Scardigli, Arianna; Romani, Annalisa; Macrì, Gladia; Polinori, Norma; Bernini, Roberta ; Santi, Luca 
2017Lipophilization of hydroxytyrosol-enriched fractions from Olea europaea L. by-products and evaluation of the in vitro effects on a model of colorectal cancer cellsBernini, Roberta ; Carastro, Isabella; Palmini, Gaia; Tanini, Annalisa; Zonefrati, Roberto; Pinelli, Patrizia; Brandi, Maria Luisa; Romani, Annalisa
2021Perspectives on Populus spp. (Salicaceae) bud extracts as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agentsPannucci, Elisa; D'Eliseo, Donatella; Ieri, Francesca; Romani, Annalisa; Santi, Luca; Bernini, Roberta ; Sabatti, Maurizio ; Velotti, Francesca Romana 
2022Perspectives on Populus spp. (Salicaceae) bud extracts as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agentsPannucci, Elisa; D'Eliseo, Donatella; Ieri, Francesca; Romani, Annalisa; Santi, Luca ; Bernini, Roberta ; Sabatti, Maurizio; Velotti, Francesca Romana 
2020Potential beneficial effects of extra virgin olive oils characterized by high content in minor polar compounds in nephropathic patients: a pilot studyRomani, Annalisa; Bernini, Roberta ; Noce, Annalisa; Urciuoli, Silvia; Di Lauro, Manuela; Pietroboni Zaitseva, Anna; Marrone, Giulia; Di Daniele, Nicola