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2010Predicting changes in soil organic carbon in mediterranean and alpine forests during the Kyoto Protocol commitment periods using the CENTURY modelChiti, Tommaso ; Papale, Dario ; Smith, P.; Dalmonech, D.; Matteucci, G.; Yeluripati, J.; Rodeghiero, M.; Valentini, R.
2011Semiempirical modeling of abiotic and biotic factors controlling ecosystem respiration across eddy covariance sitesMigliavacca, M.; Cescatti, A.; Mahecha, M. D.; Montagnani, L.; Papale, Dario ; Zaehle, S.; Arain, A.; Arneth, A.; Black, T. A.; Carrara, A.; Dore, S.; Reichstein, M.; Gianelle, D.; Helfter, C.; Hollinger, D.; Kutsch, W.; Lafleur, P. M.; Nouvellon, Y.; Rebmann, C.; Humberto, R.; Rodeghiero, M.; Roupsard, O.; Richardson, A. D.; Sebasti, M.; Seufert, G.; Soussana, J. F.; Van Der Molen , M. K.; Colombo, R.; Sutton, M. A.; Lasslop, G.; Tomelleri, E.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Carvalhais, N.
2015Soil carbon stocks and fluxesChiti, T. ; Sirca, C.; Rodeghiero, M.; Spano, D.; Valentini, Riccardo