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2020Drp1 overexpression induces desmin disassembling and drives kinesin-1 activation promoting mitochondrial trafficking in skeletal muscleGiovarelli, M.; Roux-biejat, P.; Cervia, Davide ; Moscheni, C.; Perrotta, C.; Parazzoli, D.; Clementi, E.; De Palma, C.; Zecchini, S.; Martini, E.; Garrè, M.; Barozzi, S.; Ripolone, M.; Napoli, L.; Coazzoli, M.; Vantaggiato, C.
2016Reversal of defective mitochondrial biogenesis in limb girdle muscular dystrophy 2D by independent modulation of histone and PGC-1 acetylationPambianco, S.; Moggio, M.; Bassi Mt; Puri Pl; Latella, L.; Clementi, E.; De Palma, C.; Giovarelli, M.; Perrotta, C.; Zecchini, S.; Cervia, Davide ; Di Renzo, I.; Moscheni, C.; Ripolone, M.; Violano, R.