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2012Alterations of red blood cell metabolome during cold liquid storage of erythrocyte concentrates in CPD-SAGMGevi, Federica ; S.; Dalessandro, A.; Rinalducci, Sara ; Zolla, Lello ; Gevi; F.; D'alessandro; A.; Rinalducci
2013Analysis of TAp73-dependent signaling via omics technologiesDalessandro, A.; Timperio, Annamaria ; Finazzi Agr, A.; D'alessandro; A.; Marrocco; C.; Rinalducci; S.; Peschiaroli; Timperio; Marrocco, C.; A. M.; Bongiorno-borbone; L.; Finazzi Agrò; Rinalducci, Sara ; Peschiaroli, A.; Bongiorno-borbone, L.; Finazzi Agrò, A.; Melino, G.; Zolla, Lello 
2012Changes in morphology, cell wall composition and soluble proteome in Rhodobacter sphaeroides cells exposed to chromate. BIOMETALS, p. 1-11,Italiano; L. R.; Trotta; M.; F.; Rinalducci; S.; Agostiano; A.; Zolla, Lello ; De Leo; Ceci
2012Chianina beef tenderness investigated through integrated OmicsAlessandro, D. A.; C.; Rinalducci; S.; Mirasole; Failla; Marrocco, C.; Rinalducci, Sara ; Mirasole, C.; Failla, S.; Zolla, Lello ; D'alessandro; A.; Marrocco
2000Dinamics of light harvesting proteins stoichiometry adjustment by light quality in chloroplastsZolla; L.; Rinalducci; S.; Timperio, Annamaria ; A. M.
2012Love me tender: An Omics window on the bovine meat tenderness networkDalessandro, A.; S.; Marrocco; C.; Zolla; V.; Napolitano; F.; Rinalducci, Sara ; Marrocco, C.; Zolla, V.; Napolitano, F.; Zolla, Lello ; D'alessandro; A.; Rinalducci
2013Native protein complexes in the cytoplasm of red blood cellsPallotta, V.; S.; Dalessandro, A.; Rinalducci, Sara ; Zolla, Lello ; Pallotta; V.; D'alessandro; A.; Rinalducci
2012Oxidative stress and caspase-mediated fragmentation of cytoplasmic domain of erythrocyte band 3 during blood storageRinalducci, Sara ; Blasi; B.; Turrini; F.; Ferru, E.; Blasi, B.; Turrini, F.; Zolla, Lello ; Rinalducci; S.; Ferru; E.
2016Targeted quantitative phosphoproteomic analysis of erythrocyte membranes during blood bank storage2Rinalducci; S.; Longo; V.; Ceci; L. R.; Zolla, Lello