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2019Can hairy vetch cover crop affects arsenic accumulation in vegetable crops?Mancinelli, Roberto ; Radicetti Emanuele; Muleo, Rosario ; Marinari, Sara ; Bravo I; Papetti P
2022Carbon Flux As Affected By Different Winter Cover CropsAtait Mariam; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Allam Mohamed; Petroselli Verdiana; Quintarelli Valentina; Radicetti Emanuele
2019CO2 flux and c balance due to the replacement of bare soil with agro-ecological service crops in Mediterranean environmentRadicetti Emanuele; Adewale Osipitan O; Langeroodi Ali Reza Safahani; Marinari, Sara ; Mancinelli, Roberto 
2020Effect of Soil Tillage and Fertilization on Sorghum (Sorghum vulgare Pers.) CropRadicetti Emanuele; Allam Mohamed; Petroselli Verdiana; Mancinelli, Roberto 
2021Effects of different soil tillage methods and fertilization on potato cropMancinelli, Roberto ; Petroselli Verdiana; Allam Mohamed; Radicetti Emanuele
2020Effects of Soil Tillage and Fertilization on the Arsenic Uptake in Durum WheatMancinelli, Roberto ; Allam Mohamed; Petroselli Verdiana; Papetti Patrizia; Radicetti Emanuele
2022Effetti di lavorazione e fertilizzazione del suolo sull’assorbimento dell’Arsenico in frumento duro.Boccale Lorenzo; Radicetti Emanuele; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Papetti Patrizia
2022Fertilizer Source Affects Crop Yield Under Different Tillage Practices: A Meta-analysis.Allam Mohamed; Mancinelli, Roberto ; Petroselli Verdiana; Atait Mariam; Quintarelli Valentina; Radicetti Emanuele
2015Near infrared spectroscopy is suitable for the classification of hazelnuts according to Protected Designation of OriginMoscetti, R.; Radicetti, E.; Monarca, Danilo ; Cecchini, Massimo ; Massantini, Riccardo ; Moscetti Roberto; Radicetti Emanuele
2022Processing Tomato Has Affected By Barrier And Curzate In Different Soil FertilizationPetroselli Verdiana; Radicetti Emanuele; Palomba Ivan; Allam Mohamed; Atait Mariam; Quintarelli Valentina; Mancinelli, Roberto 
2021Soil tillage and fertilization affect durum wheat and weeds interactions in Mediterranean environmentRadicetti Emanuele; Petroselli Verdiana; Allam Mohamed; Mancinelli, Roberto 
2022Weed Community Evolution In Durum Wheat - Potato Rotation After 4-year Of Organic And Mineral FertilizationQuintarelli Valentina; Radicetti Emanuele; Petroselli Verdiana; Allam Mohamed; Mancinelli, Roberto