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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993The 1D-coded D glutenin subunits from Chinese Spring show 1D-coded omega-type N-terminal sequencesMasci, Stefania ; Lafiandra, D.; Porceddu, E.; Lew Ejl; Tao Hp; Kasarda Dd
2006Analysis of gene expression induced by ozone in durum wheatPaoalcci, A. R.; Acampora, A.; Tanzarella, O. A.; Porceddu, E.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G. T.; Nali, C.; Lorenzini, G.; Badiani, M.; Ciaffi, Mario 
1994Biochemical characterization of peptides that contain cysteine derived from the D subunits of LMW gluteninsMasci, Stefania ; Buonocore, F.; Kasarda Dd; Porceddu, E.; Lafiandra, D.
2003Characterization of cDNA sequences differentially expressed in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) spikeletsCiaffi, Mario ; Paolacci, A. R.; Acampora, A.; Tanzarella; Porceddu, E.
1995Characterization of low-molecular-weight glutenin subunits in durum wheat by RP-HPLC and N-Terminal sequencingMasci, Stefania ; Lew Ejl; Lafiandra, D.; Porceddu, E.; Kasarda Dd
2000Characterization of the LMW-GS family in durum wheatDovidio, R.; Masci, Stefania ; Mattei, C.; Tosi, P.; Lafiandra, D.; Porceddu, E.
1999Chromosomal assignement of gene sequences coding for protein disulphide isomerase (PDI) in wheatCiaffi, Mario ; Dominici, L.; Tanzarella Oa; Porceddu, E.
2003Cloning and characterization of three homoeologous genes encoding PDI (Protein Disulfide Isomerase) and their promoter sequences in wheatCiaffi, Mario ; Zanotti, A.; Paolacci, A. R.; Daloisio, E.; Tanzarella; Porceddu, E.
2006Cloning and characterization of wheat PDI (protein disulfide isomerase) homoeologous genes and promoter sequencesCiaffi, Mario ; Paolacci, A. R.; Daloisio, E.; Tanzarella, O. A.; Porceddu, E.
1991Comparison of the B and D subunits of glutenin encoded at the Glu-D3 locus in two biotypes of the common wheat cultivar Newton with different technological characteristicsMasci, Stefania ; Porceddu, E.; Colaprico, G.; Lafiandra, D.
2000Construction of Dx5 genes modified in the repetitive domain and their expression in Escherichia coliDovidio, R.; Anderson Od; Masci, Stefania ; Skerritt, J.; Porceddu, E.
1997Construction of novel wheat high-Mr glutenin gene variabilityDovidio, R.; Anderson Od; Masci, Stefania ; Skerritt, J.; Porceddu, E.
1993D Glutenin subunitsMasci, Stefania ; Lafiandra, D.; Porceddu, E.; Lew Ejl; Tao Hp; Kasarda Dd
1995Development of a set of oligonucleotides primers specific for genes at Glu-1 complex loci of wheatDovidio, R.; Masci, Stefania ; Porceddu, E.
1991Differences among the electrophoretic behaviour of the B and D subunits of glutenin coded by the Glu-D3 locusMasci, Stefania ; Porceddu, E.; Lafiandra, D.
1997Duplication of the Bx7 high-molecular-weight glutenin subunit gene in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivar Red River 68Dovidio, R.; Masci, Stefania ; Porceddu, E.; Kasarda Dd
1992Effects of the lack of the proteins controlled by genes at the Gli-D1/Glu-D3 loci on breadmaking qualityBenedettelli, S.; Margiotta, B.; Porceddu, E.; Ciaffi, Mario ; Lafiandra, D.
1992Electrophoretic and molecular analysis of alpha-gliadins in Aegilops species belonging to the D genome cluster and in their putative progenitorsMasci, Stefania ; Dovidio, R.; Lafiandra, D.; Tanzarella Oa; Porceddu, E.
2007Gene expression induced by chronic ozone in the Mediterranean shrub Phillyrea latifoliaPaolacci, A. R.; Miraldi, C.; Tanzarella, O. A.; Badiani, M.; Porceddu, E.; Nali, C.; Lorenzini, G.; Ciaffi, Mario 
2016Gene Flow as a Source of Adaptation of Durum Wheat to Changing Conditions Including Climate ChangeNachit, M.; Mamlouk, O. F.; El Bouhssini, M.; Motawaj, J.; Kehel, Z.; Habash, D.; Elouafi, I.; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto ; Porceddu, E.; Bari, A.; Amri, A.