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2018Circulation during Storms and Dynamics of Suspended Matter in a Sheltered Coastal AreaPaladini De Mendoza; Bonamano, S.; Martellucci, R.; Melchiorri, C.; Consalvi, N.; Piermattei, Viviana; Marcelli, Marco 
2008Development of a sliding device for extended measurements in coastal watersZappalĂ , Giuseppe; Marcelli, Marco; Piermattei, Viviana
15-Jun-2017Implementation and application of new technologies for marine environmental researchPiermattei, Viviana
2010New low cost technological developments for sea monitoring: satellite "Sea Truth" and model validationMarcelli, Marco; Piermattei, Viviana; Petri, Alessandra; Madonia, Alice; Pannocchi, Andrea; Mainardi, Umberto