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2014Advances in the characterization of tomato mutants putatively affected in class b mads-box transcription factorsPucci, A.; Picarella Me; Mazzucato, Andrea 
2015Characterization of new selections of anthocyanin-rich tomatoesMazzucato, Andrea ; Picarella Me; Guerri, C.; Tilesi, F.; Soressi Gp
2012Early identification of tomato genotypes expressing mutations involved in the synthesis of anthocyaninsSantangelo, E.; Picarella Me; Mazzucato, Andrea ; Soressi Gp
2015Exploring a tomato landraces collection for fruit-related traits by the aid of a high-throughput genomic platformSacco, A.; Ruggieri, V.; Parisi, M.; Festa, G.; Rigano Mm; Picarella Me; Mazzucato, Andrea ; Barone, A.
2014Genotypic and ripening stage variation of quality-related metabolites in tomato fruitsPicarella Me; Troise Ad; Baldina, S.; Pucci, A.; Ferracane, R.; Fogliano, V.; Mazzucato, Andrea 
2012The interaction between parthenocarpic fruit and Curl indicates a role of class I knox genes in tomato fruit setMazzucato, Andrea ; Picarella Me; Ruiu (2012), F.
2016Metabolite profiling of Italian tomato landraces with different fruit typesBaldina, S.; Picarella Me; Troise Ad; Pucci, A.; Ruggieri, V.; Ferracane, R.; Barone, A.; Fogliano, V.; Mazzucato, Andrea 
2016Morphological and genetic characterization of a large collection of italian tomato landracesGrandillo, S.; Riccardi, R.; Spigno, P.; Patane, C.; Poma, I.; Sunseri, F.; Finkers, R.; Blanca Jm; Caizares, J.; Pons, C.; Monforte Aj; Palombieri, S.; Granell, A.; Sulli, M.; Diretto, G.; Giuliano, G.; Mazzucato, Andrea ; Riccini, A.; Cammareri, M.; Sampalmieri, M.; Picarella Me; Ruggiero, A.; Batelli, G.; Grillo, S.
2013Morphological characterization and genome-wide genotyping of a collection of tomato Italian landracesSacco, A.; Mazzucato, Andrea ; Barone, A.; Parisi, M.; Ruggieri, V.; Picarella Me; Senatore, A.; Baldina, S.; Rigano Mm; Festa, G.; Pucci, A.
2012Novel anthocyanin biofactories from the breeding of purple-fruited tomatoesMazzucato, A.; Willems, D.; Bernini, Roberta ; Picarella Me; Santangelo, E.; Tilesi, F.; Soressi Gp
2013Novel phenotypes related to the breeding of purple-fruited tomatoes and effect of peel extracts on human cancer cell proliferationMazzucato, Andrea ; Willems, Daniela ; Bernini, Roberta ; Picarella Me; Santangelo, E.; Ruiu, F.; Tilesi, F.; Soressi Gp; Mazzuccato, A.
2017Phenotypic, genetic and molecular characterization of 7B-1, a conditional male-sterile mutant in tomatoPucci, A.; Picarella Me; Mazzucato, Andrea 
2016A repertoire of tomato fruit genetic variants in the san marzano genetic backgroundMazzucato, Andrea ; Picarella Me; Grossi, D.; Soressi Gp
2015A TILLING allele of the tomato Aux/IAA9 gene offers new insights into fruit set mechanisms and perspectives for breeding seedless tomatoesMazzucato, Andrea ; Carriero, F.; Cellini, F.; Bouzayen, M.; Zouine, M.; Mila, I.; Minoia, S.; Petrozza, A.; Picarella Me; Ruiu, F.
2012A transcriptomic approach to identify regulatory genes involved in fruit set of wild type and parthenocarpic tomato genotypesRuiu, F.; Picarella Me; Imanishi, S.; Mazzucato, Andrea 
2015A transcriptomic approach to identify regulatory genes involved in fruit set of wild-type and parthenocarpic tomato genotypesRuiu, F.; Picarella Me; Imanishi, S.; Mazzucato, Andrea