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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Full Technological Traceability System for Extra Virgin Olive OilViolino, Simona; Pallottino, Federico; Sperandio, Giulio; Figorilli, Simone; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Tocci, Francesco; Vasta, Simone; Imperi, Giancarlo; Costa, Corrado
2016A Low-Cost Image Analysis System to Upgrade the Rudin Beer Foam Head Retention MeterCimini, Alessio ; Pallottino, Federico; Menesatti, Paolo; Moresi, Mauro 
2023A Low-Cost Sensorized Vehicle for In-Field Crop PhenotypingAntonucci, Francesca; Costa, Corrado; Figorilli, Simone; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Manganiello, Rossella; Santangelo, Enrico; Gierz, Łukasz; Pallottino, Federico
2021A Machine Vision Rapid Method to Determine the Ripeness Degree of Olive LotsOrtenzi, Luciano ; Figorilli, Simone; Costa, Corrado; Pallottino, Federico; Violino, Simona; Pagano, Mauro; Imperi, Giancarlo; Manganiello, Rossella; Lanza, Barbara; Antonucci, Francesca
2022A ready-to-use portable VIS–NIR spectroscopy device to assess superior EVOO qualityViolino, Simona; Taiti, Cosimo; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Marone, Elettra; Pallottino, Federico; Costa, Corrado
2023Advantages in Using Colour Calibration for Orthophoto ReconstructionTocci, Francesco; Figorilli, Simone; Vasta, Simone; Violino, Simona; Pallottino, Federico; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Costa, Corrado
2021AI-based hyperspectral and VOCs assessment approach to identify adulterated extra virgin olive oilViolino, Simona; Benincasa, Cinzia; Taiti, Cosimo; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Pallottino, Federico; Marone, Elettra; Mancuso, Stefano; Costa, Corrado
2020An Artificial Intelligence Approach for Italian EVOO Origin Traceability through an Open Source IoT SpectrometerViolino, Simona; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Antonucci, Francesca; Pallottino, Federico; Benincasa, Cinzia; Figorilli, Simone; Costa, Corrado
2023An innovative technique for faecal score classification based on RGB images and Artificial Intelligence algorithmsOrtenzi, Luciano ; Violino, S.; Costa, Corrado; Figorilli, Simone; Vasta, Simone; Tocci, Francesco; Moscovini, Lavinia; Basiricò, Loredana ; Evangelista, C.; Pallottino, Federico; Bernabucci, Umberto 
2024An open-source machine-learning application for predicting pixel-to-pixel NDVI regression from RGB calibrated imagesMoscovini, Lavinia; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Pallottino, Federico; Figorilli, Simone; Violino, Simona; Pane, Catello; Capparella, Valerio; Vasta, Simone; Costa, Corrado
2023Artificial Intelligence approaches for fast and portable traceability assessment of EVOOOrtenzi, Luciano ; Figorilli, Simone; Violino, Simona; Pallottino, Federico; Costa, Corrado
17-Feb-2011Assessment of tarocco orange fruit firmness by standard and non-destructive testsPallottino, Federico
2023Automated Prototype for Bombyx mori Cocoon Sorting Attempts to Improve Silk Quality and Production Efficiency through Multi-Step Approach and Machine Learning AlgorithmsVasta, Simone; Figorilli, Simone; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Violino, Simona; Costa, Corrado; Moscovini, Lavinia; Tocci, Francesco; Pallottino, Federico; Assirelli, Alberto; Saviane, Alessio; Cappellozza, Silvia
2021Early estimation of olive production from light drone orthophoto, through canopy radiusOrtenzi, Luciano ; Violino, Simona; Pallottino, Federico; Figorilli, Simone; Vasta, Simone; Tocci, Francesco; Antonucci, Francesca; Imperi, Giancarlo; Costa, Corrado
2022Fast olive quality assessment through RGB images and advanced convolutional neural network modelingSalvucci, Giorgia; Pallottino, Federico; De Laurentiis, Leonardo; Del Frate, Fabio; Manganiello, Rossella; Tocci, Francesco; Vasta, Simone; Figorilli, Simone; Bassotti, Beatrice; Violino, Simona; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Antonucci, Francesca
2021Machine learning applied to canopy hyperspectral image data to support biological control of soil-borne fungal diseases in baby leaf vegetablesPane, Catello; Manganiello, Gelsomina; Nicastro, Nicola; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Pallottino, Federico; Cardi, Teodoro; Costa, Corrado
2022Olive Fruit Selection through AI Algorithms and RGB ImagingFigorilli, Simone; Violino, Simona; Moscovini, Lavinia; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Salvucci, Giorgia; Vasta, Simone; Tocci, Francesco; Costa, Corrado; Toscano, Pietro; Pallottino, Federico
2024Real-Time AI-Assisted Push-Broom Hyperspectral System for Precision AgricultureNeri, Igor; Caponi, Silvia; Bonacci, Francesco; Clementi, Giacomo; Cottone, Francesco; Gammaitoni, Luca; Figorilli, Simone; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Aisa, Simone; Pallottino, Federico; Mattarelli, Maurizio
2022Sorting biotic and abiotic stresses on wild rocket by leaf-image hyperspectral data mining with an artificial intelligence modelNavarro, Alejandra; Nicastro, Nicola; Costa, Corrado; Pentangelo, Alfonso; Cardarelli, Mariateresa ; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Pallottino, Federico; Cardi, Teodoro; Pane, Catello
2022Superior EVOO Quality Production: An RGB Sorting Machine for Olive ClassificationViolino, Simona; Moscovini, Lavinia; Costa, Corrado; Re, Paolo Del; Giansante, Lucia; Toscano, Pietro; Tocci, Francesco; Vasta, Simone; Manganiello, Rossella; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Pallottino, Federico