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2010Analysis of durum wheat germplasm adapted to different climatic conditionsMondini, Linda; Farina, Anna; Porceddu, Enrico; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto
9-Mar-2007Assess of genetic diversity of Pistacia spp. in wild populations and field gene banks from Central and West AsiaIbrahim Basha, Amer
6-Jul-2012Characterization and selection of globe artichoke and cardoon germplasm for biomass, food and biocompound productionCiancolini, Anna
2011Characterizing the molecular and morphophysiological diversity of Italian red cloverPagnotta, Mario Augusto; Annicchiarico, Paolo; Farina, Anna; Proietti, Sandro
10-Feb-2011Diversity analysis in space and time of an annual selfing species (common bean, Phaseolus vulgaris) and a perennial outcrossing species (cardoon, Cynara cardunculus)Noorani, Arshiya
2003Ecogeography of Perennial Legume Collecting Missions in ItalyRussi, Luigi; Bennett, Sarita Jane; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto; Norman, Hayley; Nutt, Brad; Porqueddu, Claudio; Cagiotti, Mauro Roberto; Snowball, Richard; Moore, G.
2003Evaluation of perennial legumes collected in Italy: First year dataPagnotta, Mario Augusto; Bennett, Sarita Jane; Cocks, Philip S.; Ewing, Mike A.; Howieson, John; Moore, G.; Norman, Hayley; Nutt, Brad; Porqueddu, Claudio; Russi, Luigi; Snowball, Richard
2007Genetic diversity of Syrian pistachio varieties evaluated by AFLP markersIbrahim Basha, Amer; Padulosi, Stefano; Chabane, Kamel; Hadj-Hassan, Adnan; Dulloo, Ehsan; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto; Porceddu, Enrico
2010Genetic Resources of Cynara spp. an AGR GEN RES European Project CYNARESPagnotta, Mario Augusto
2011Genetic Resources of Cynara spp. an AGR GEN RES European Project CYNARESPagnotta, Mario Augusto
2011HRM technology for the identification and characterization of INDEL and SNPs mutations in genes involved in drought and salt tolerance of durum wheatMondini, Linda; Nachit, Miloudi; Porceddu, Enrico; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto
2011Intra-specific genetic structure of durum wheat based on SSR and SNP markersYousefi Javan, Iman; Mondini, Linda; Nachit, Miloudi; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto
2001Molecular linkage map for an intraspecific recombinant inbred population of durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var. durum).Nachit, Miloudi M.; Elouafi, Ismahane; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto; El Saleh, A.; Iacono, E.; Labhilili, Mustapha; Asbati, A.; Azrak, M.; Hazzam, Hani; Benscher, David; Khairallah, Mirelle M.; Ribaut, Jean Marcel; Tanzarella, Oronzo A.; Porceddu, Enrico; Sorrells, Mark Earl
2005Morphological and molecular characterization of Italian emmer wheat accessionsPagnotta, Mario Augusto; Mondini, Linda; Maroun, Fandy Atallah
2011Obtaining F1 hybrids from the genetic material of artichoke landraces of Campania, recovered and selectedRofano, Giuseppe; Trotta, Nikita; Pepe, Rosa; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto; Saccardo, Francesco
20-Jun-2014Popolazioni campane di carciofo e peperone: omogeneità e stabilità morfo-geneticaRofrano, Giuseppe
2010QTL analysis of durum wheat using microsatellite for genetic mapYousefi Javan, Iman; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto; D'Ovidio, Renato
2008Recovery, morphological and molecular characterization of globe artichoke ‘Romanesco’ landracesCrinò, Paola; Tavazza, Raffaela; Rey Muñoz, Néstor Alonso; Trionfetti Nisini, Paola; Saccardo, Francesco; Ancora, Giorgio; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto
2007Variation in forage quality and chemical composition among Italian accessions of Bituminaria bituminosa (L.) Stirt.Pecetti, Luciano; Tava, Aldo; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto; Russi, Luigi
2007Volatile compunds from leaves and flowers of Bituminaria bituminosa (L.) Stirt. (Fabaceae) from Italy.Tava, Aldo; Pecetti, Luciano; Ricci, Marina; Pagnotta, Mario Augusto; Russi, Luigi