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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Antarctic crypotoendolithic microbial communities inhabit terrestrial environment analogue of MarsOnofri, S.; Selbmann, Laura ; Zucconi; Pagano, S.
2007Antarctic rock fungi in space and Mars simulated conditionsOnofri, S.; Barreca, D.; Rabbow, E.; -p De Vera, J.; Selbmann, Laura 
2012Biodeteriorigenous agents dwelling the wall paintings of the Holy Saviours Cave (Vallerano, Italy)Zucconi, L.; Gagliardi, M.; Isola, D.; Onofri, S.; Andaloro Mc; Pelosi, Claudia ; Pogliani, P.; Selbmann, Laura 
2011Biodiversity of rock, beach and water fungi in Italy. Plant BiosystemsOnofri, S.; Selbmann, Laura ; Varese Gc; Voyron, S.; Zotti, M.; Zucconi, L.; Anastasi, A.; Del Frate, G.; Di Piazza, S.; Garnero, N.; Guglielminetti, M.; Isola, D.; Panno, L.; Ripa, C.
2018Biological colonization on stone monuments: a new low impact cleaning methodToreno, G.; Isola, D.; Meloni, P.; Carcangiu, G.; Selbmann, L.; Onofri, S.; Caneva, G.; Zucconi Galli Fonseca, Laura 
2017BIOMEX Experiment: Ultrastructural Alterations, Molecular Damage and Survival of the Fungus Cryomyces antarcticus after the Experiment Verification TestsPacelli, C.; Selbmann, L.; Zucconi Galli Fonseca, Laura ; J-p De Vera Rabbow, E.; Horneck, G.; De La Torre, R.; Onofri, S.
2014Boundaries for life in Northern Victoria Land, AntarcticaZucconi, L.; Reboleiro-rivas; Onofri, S.; Cecchini, C.; Isola, D.; Fenice, M.; Madonna, Sergio ; Reboleiro-rivas, P.; Selbmann, Laura ; Ripa, C.
2003The continental Antarctica mycotaOnofri, S.; Zucconi, L.; Selbmann, Laura ; Tosi; De Hoog, G. S.
2009Diversit, filogenesi ed ecologia di microrganismi coltivabili associate a licheni antarticiSelbmann, Laura ; Grube, M.; Cardinale, M.; Ruisi, S.; Zucconi, L.; Onofri, S.
2005Ecologia, origine ed evoluzione di specie fungine endemiche delle Valli Secche di McMurdo in AntartideSelbmann, Laura ; De Hoog, G. S.; Onofri, S.
2000Ecology and biology of microfungi from Antartic rocks and soilOnofri, S.; Ocampo; Friedmann , E. I.; Fenice, M.; Cicalini, A.; Tosi, S.; Magrino, A.; Pagano, S.; Selbmann, Laura ; Zucconi, L.; Vishniac, H.
2017Effect of environmental parameters on biodiversity of the fungal component in the lithic Antarctic communitiesSelbmann, Laura ; Onofri, S.; Coleine, C.; Buzzini, P.; Canini, F.; Zucconi, L.
2018The effect of protracted X-ray exposure on cell survival and metabolic activity of fast and slow growing fungi capable of melanogenesisPacelli, C.; Bryan, R. A.; Onofri, S.; Selbmann, L.; Zucconi Galli Fonseca, Laura ; Shuryak, I.; Dadachova, E.
2018The effect of protracted X-rays exposure on cell survival and metabolic activity of fast and slow growing fungi capable of melanogenesisPacelli; C.; Bryan, R.; Onofri, S.; Selbmann, Laura ; Zucconi, L.; Shuryak, I.; Dadachova, E.
2002Effect of UV on the spores of the fungal species Arthrobotrys oligospora and A. feroxZucconi, L.; Ripa, C.; Selbmann, Laura ; Onofri, S.
2016An ESA road map for geobiology in space explorationCousins, C. R.; Finister, K.; Foing, B.; Kminek, G.; Leach, S.; Lehto, K.; Leys, N.; Ngo-anh, J.; Olsson-francis, K.; Onofri, S.; Ori, G. G.; Cockell, C. S.; Payler, S.; Rabbow, E.; Rettberg, P.; Samuels, T.; Schrder, C.; Houdt, R. V.; Loon, J.; Willaert, R.; Zucconi Galli Fonseca, Laura ; Angerer, O.; Bryce, C.; Charlescockell; Cousins, C.; Cullen, D.; Delatorre, R.; J-p Devera
2010ESA-space experiments, from BIOPAN 6 experiment Lithopanspermia to EXPOSEDe Vera -p-, J.; Onofri, S.; De La Torre Noetzel, R.; Zucconi, L.; Selbmann, Laura ; Ott, S.; Demets, R.; Rabbow, E.; Horneck, G.
2008Extremotolerance in dothidealean rock black yeasts no human pathogenicity despite capacity of survivalSelbmann, Laura ; De Hoog, G. S.; Zucconi, L.; Isola, D.; Onofri, S.
2014Flowpath 2014, National Meeting on Hydrogeology, Abstract VolumeBaiocchi, A.; Lotti, F.; Onofri, S.; Piscopo, Vincenzo 
2015Fungal Biodiversity in the Alpine Tarfala ValleyColeine, C.; Luigi Paolo Dacqui; Silvano Onofri; Selbmann, Laura ; Ventura, S.; Dacqui, L.; Onofri, S.; Zucconi, L.; Claudia Coleine; Laura Selbmann; Stefano Ventura