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2008Advances and challenger in the synthesis of highly oxidised natural phenols with antiviral, antioxidant and cytotoxic activitiesSaladino, Raffaele ; Lucia; Palamara; Anna Teresa; Raffaele; Gualandi; Giampiero; Farina; Angela; Crestini; Claudia; Nencioni
2010Current advances in antiinfluenza therapySaladino, Raffaele ; A. T.; R.; Barontini; M.; Crucianelli; Nencioni; L.; Sgarbanti; Palamara
2008A novel and efficient synthesis of tocopheryl quinones by homogeneous and heterogeneous methyltrioxorhenium/hydrogen peroxide catalytic systemsSaladino, Raffaele ; Nencioni; Anna Teresa Palamara; Raffaele; Veronica; Neri; Angela; Farina; Claudia; Crestini; Lucia