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2023An innovative technique for faecal score classification based on RGB images and Artificial Intelligence algorithmsOrtenzi, Luciano ; Violino, S.; Costa, Corrado; Figorilli, Simone; Vasta, Simone; Tocci, Francesco; Moscovini, Lavinia; Basiric√≤, Loredana ; Evangelista, C.; Pallottino, Federico; Bernabucci, Umberto 
2023Automated Prototype for Bombyx mori Cocoon Sorting Attempts to Improve Silk Quality and Production Efficiency through Multi-Step Approach and Machine Learning AlgorithmsVasta, Simone; Figorilli, Simone; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Violino, Simona; Costa, Corrado; Moscovini, Lavinia; Tocci, Francesco; Pallottino, Federico; Assirelli, Alberto; Saviane, Alessio; Cappellozza, Silvia
2021Italian Speech Commands for Forestry applicationsOrtenzi, Luciano ; Colle, Giacomo; Costa, Corrado; Moscovini, Lavinia
2022Olive Fruit Selection through AI Algorithms and RGB ImagingFigorilli, Simone; Violino, Simona; Moscovini, Lavinia; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Salvucci, Giorgia; Vasta, Simone; Tocci, Francesco; Costa, Corrado; Toscano, Pietro; Pallottino, Federico
2022Superior EVOO Quality Production: An RGB Sorting Machine for Olive ClassificationViolino, Simona; Moscovini, Lavinia; Costa, Corrado; Re, Paolo Del; Giansante, Lucia; Toscano, Pietro; Tocci, Francesco; Vasta, Simone; Manganiello, Rossella; Ortenzi, Luciano ; Pallottino, Federico