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2017Does Gnomoniopsis castanea contribute to the natural biological control of chestnut gall wasp?Vannini, Andrea ; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Martignoni, D.; Morales-rodriguez, C.; Contarini, M.; Caccia, R.; Paparatti, B.; Speranza, Stefano 
2016Efficacy of Biofumigation with Brassica carinata Commercial pellets (BioFence) to control vegetative and reproductive structures of Phytophthora cinnamomiMorales-rodriguez, C.; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Vannini, Andrea 
2017The sentinel tree nursery as an early warning system for pathway risk assessmentVettraino Am; Li H-m; Eschen, R.; Morales-rodriguez, C.; Vannini, Andrea