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2008Chiral recognition of dipeptides in bio-membrane modelsBombelli, C.; Borocci, Stefano ; Cruciani, O.; Mancini, G.; Monti, D.; Segre , A. L.; Sorrenti, A.; Venanzi, M.
2003Deracemization of an Axially Chiral Biphenylic Derivative as a Tool for Investigating Chiral Recognition in Self-AssembliesBorocci, Stefano ; Ceccacci, F.; Galantini, L.; Mancini, G.; Monti, D.; Scipioni, A.; Venanzi, M.
2002Effect of Surfactant Phase Transition on the Inclusion Behaviour of an Amphiphilised Porphyrin DerivativeMonti, D.; Venanzi, M.; Cantonetti, V.; Borocci, Stefano ; Mancini, G.
2001Selectivity in the Oxidation of Limonene by Amphiphilized Metalloporphyrins in Micellar MediaBorocci, Stefano ; Marotti, F.; Mancini, G.; Monti, D.; Pastorini, A.
2003Spectroscopic Studies on the Selective Inclusion of Amphiphilized Porphyrin Derivatives in Micellar PhasesMonti, D.; Pastorini, A.; Venanzi, M.; Borocci, Stefano ; Mancini, G.
2002Structural Effects on the NaOCl Epoxidation of Styrene in Micellar Media Catalysed by Amphiphilised Mn(III)MetalloporphyrinsMonti, D.; Pastorini, A.; Mancini, G.; Borocci, Stefano ; Tagliatesta, P.