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2013Combined Effects of Ag Nanoparticles and Oxygen Plasma Treatment on PLGA Morphological, Chemical, and Antibacterial PropertiesFortunati Elena; Mattioli Samantha; Livia Visai; Marcello Imbriani; Jos Luis Fierro, G.; Kenny Jose Maria; Armentano, Ilaria 
2009Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon Nanopatterned Film Designs Drive Human Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell Cytoskeleton ArchitectureMartino Sabata; Kenny Jose Maria; Orlacchio Aldo; Dangelo, F.; Armentano, Ilaria ; Tiribuzi Roberto; Pennacchi Manuela; Dottori Mariaserena; Mattioli Samantha; Caraffa Auro; Cerulli Giuliano Giorgio
2012Inclusion of multi walled carbon nanotubes on PLLA supports the myogenic differentiation of murine progenitor cellsMontesano Simona; Kenny Jose Maria; Martino Sabata; Orlacchio Aldo; Armentano, Ilaria ; Lizundia, E.; Dangelo, F.; Fortunati Elena; Mattioli Samantha; Tiribuzi Roberto; Sampaolesi, M.; Sarasua , J. R.
2013Multifunctional nanostructured PLA materials for packaging and tissue engineeringArmentano, Ilaria ; Bitinis, N.; Fortunati Elena; Mattioli Samantha; Rescignano Nicoletta; Verdejo, R.; Lopez Manchado , M. A.; Kenny Jose Maria
2013Structure, gas-barrier properties and overall migration of poly(lactic acid) films coated with hydrogenated amorphous carbon layersMattioli Samantha; Peltzer, M.; Fortunati Elena; Armentano, Ilaria ; Jimnez, A.; Kenny Jose Maria