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2007Changes in neuronal response to ischemia in retinas with genetic alterations of somatostatin receptor expressionCatalani Elisabetta ; Cervia, Davide ; Martini, D.; Bagnoli, P.; Simonetti, E.; Timperio, Annamaria ; Casini, G.
2006Compensatory changes in the hippocampus of somatostatin knock out miceCammalleri, M.; Bagnoli, P.; Cervia, Davide ; Dal Monte, M.; Martini, D.; Langenegger, D.; Fehlmann, D.; Feuerbach, D.; Pavan, B.; Hoyer, D.
2008The cyclooxygenase-2/prostaglandin E2 pathway is involved in the somatostatin-induced decrease of epileptiform bursting in the mouse hippocampusRistori, C.; Cammalleri, M.; Martini, D.; Pavan, B.; Casini, G.; Cervia, Davide ; Bagnoli, P.
2006Cytotoxic effects and apoptotic signalling mechanisms of the sesquiterpenoid euplotin C, a secondary metabolite of the marine ciliate Euplotes crassus, in tumour cellsCervia, Davide ; Martini, D.; Garcia-gil, M.; Di Giuseppe, G.; Guella, G.; Dini, F.; Bagnoli, P.
2012Enhancing Osteoconduction of PLLA-Based Nanocomposite Scaffolds for Bone Regeneration Using Different Biomimetic Signals to MSCsCiapetti, G.; Kenny Jm; Walboomers Fx; Alava Ji; Baldini , N. 1.; 2.; Granchi, D.; Devescovi, V.; Baglio Sr; Leonardi, E.; Martini, D.; Jurado Mj; Olalde, B.; Armentano, Ilaria 
2009Functional effects of somatostatin receptor 1 activation on synaptic transmission in the mouse hippocampusCammalleri, M.; Martini, D.; Timperio, Annamaria ; Bagnoli, P.
2008Modulation of the neuronal response to ischaemia by somatostatin analogues in wild-type and knock-out mouse retinasCervia, D.; Martini, D.; Ristori, C.; Catalani, E.; Timperio, Annamaria ; Bagnoli, P.; Casini, G.
2008Modulation of the neuronal response to ischemia by somatostatin analogues in wild-type and knock-out mouse retinasCervia, Davide ; Martini, D.; Ristori, C.; Catalani Elisabetta ; Timperio, A. M.; Bagnoli, P.; Casini, G.
2007Retinal ischemia and the somatostatinergic systemCatalani, E.; Martini, D.; Cervia, Davide ; Bagnoli, P.; Casini, G.
2009The secondary metabolite euplotin C induces apoptosis-like death in the marine ciliated protist Euplotes vannusCervia, Davide ; Di Giuseppe, G.; Ristori, C.; Martini, D.; Gambellini, G.; Bagnoli, P.; Dini, F.
2006Somatostatin receptor gene deletion differentially affects neuronal death and survival in a retina model of in vitro ischemiaCatalani, E.; Martini, D.; Cervia, Davide ; Papeschi, C.; Bagnoli, P.; Casini, G.
2011Vascular endothelial growth factor up-regulation in the mouse hippocampus and its role in the control of epileptiform activityCammalleri, M.; Martini, D.; Ristori, C.; Timperio, Annamaria ; Bagnoli, P.