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2013Association between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and milk production traits in Italian Brown cattleMancini, G.; Nicolazzi , E. L.; Valentini, Alessio ; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Ajmone Marsan, P.; Santus, E.; Pariset, L.; Nicolazzi, E. L.
2012Binding of an indenoisoquinoline to the topoisomerase-DNA complex induces reduction of linker mobility and strengthening of protein-DNA interactionMancini, G.; Dannessa, I.; Coletta, A.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Pommier, Y.; Cushman, M.; Desideri, A.
2012The Buffalo TranscriptomeStrozzi, F.; International Buffalo Consortium; Iamartino, D.; Biagini, T.; Mancini, G.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Williams, J.; Picciolini, M.; Ferr, F.; Zimin, A.
2012Carbon monoxide binding to the heme group at the dimeric interface modulates structure and copper accessibility in the Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase from Haemophilus ducreyiChillemi, Giovanni ; De Santis, S.; Falconi, M.; Mancini, G.; Migliorati, V.; Battistoni, A.; Pacello, F.; Desideri, A.; Dangelo, P.
2001Characterization of Mixed Monolayers of Phosphatidylcholine and a Novel Cationic Lipid SS-1 with a Langmuir Balance. Effects of DNASaily, M.; Ryahnen , S. J.; Holopainen , J. M.; Borocci, Stefano ; Mancini, G.; Kinnunen , P. K. J.
2009Chiral recognition in biomembrane modelsBorocci, Stefano ; Ceccacci, F.; Cruciani, O.; Mancini, G.; Sorrenti, A.
2004Chiral Recognition of Dipeptides in a Biomembrane ModelBombelli, C.; Borocci, Stefano ; Lupi, F.; Mancini, G.; Mannina, L.; Segre , A. L.; Viel, S.
2008Chiral recognition of dipeptides in bio-membrane modelsBombelli, C.; Borocci, Stefano ; Cruciani, O.; Mancini, G.; Monti, D.; Segre , A. L.; Sorrenti, A.; Venanzi, M.
2006Chiral Recognition of Dipeptides in Phosphatidylcholine AggregatesCruciani, O.; Borocci, Stefano ; Lamanna, R.; Mancini, G.; Segre , A. L.
2005Computational evidence for a variable first shell coordination of the cadmium(II) ion in aqueous solutionChillemi, G.; Barone, V.; Dangelo, P.; Mancini, G.; Persson, I.; Sanna, Nico 
1999Conformational Behavior of Aqueous Micelles of Sodium N-Dodecanoyl-L-prolinateBorocci, Stefano ; Mancini, G.; Cerichelli, G.; Luchetti, L.
2003Deracemization of an Axially Chiral Biphenylic Derivative as a Tool for Investigating Chiral Recognition in Self-AssembliesBorocci, Stefano ; Ceccacci, F.; Galantini, L.; Mancini, G.; Monti, D.; Scipioni, A.; Venanzi, M.
1998Deracemization of an Axially Chiral Biphenylic Structure in Chiral Micellar AggregatesBorocci, Stefano ; Erba, M.; Mancini, G.; Scipioni, A.
2002Effect of Surfactant Phase Transition on the Inclusion Behaviour of an Amphiphilised Porphyrin DerivativeMonti, D.; Venanzi, M.; Cantonetti, V.; Borocci, Stefano ; Mancini, G.
2012Effects of the pathological Q212P mutation on human prion protein non-octarepeat copper-binding siteDangelo, P.; Della Longa, S.; Arcovito, A.; Mancini, G.; Zitolo, A.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Giachin, G.; Legname, G.; Benetti, F.
2010Efficiency of Liposomes in the Delivery of a Photosensitizer Controlled by the Stereochemistry of a Gemini Surfactant ComponentBombelli, C.; Molinari, A.; Stringaro, A.; Borocci, Stefano ; Bozzuto, G.; Colone, M.; Giansanti, L.; Sgambato, R.; Toccaceli, L.; Mancini, G.
2008Electronic structure calculations and collision dynamics for the interaction of O atoms with two SiO2 polymorphsZazza, C.; Rutigliano, M.; Cacciatore, M.; Mancini, G.; Pieretti, A.; Sanna, Nico 
2004Elucidation of the Isomeric Domains Formed by Sodium N-Dodecanoyl-L-prolinateAmenitsch, H.; Bombelli, C.; Borocci, Stefano ; Ceccacci, F.; Mancini, G.; Rappolt, M.
2005Experimental evidence for a variable first coordination shell of the cadmium(II) ion in aqueous, dimethyl sulfoxide, and N,N -dimethylpropyleneurea solutionDangelo, P.; Chillemi, G.; Barone, V.; Mancini, G.; Sanna, Nico ; Persson, I.
2012Identification of a Short Region on Chromosome 6 Affecting Direct Calving Ease in Piedmontese Cattle BreedBongiorni, S.; Mancini, G.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Valentini, Alessio ; Pariset Lorraine