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2021Modelling approach for the evaluation of burial and erosion processes on Posidonia oceanica meadowsBonamano, Simone ; Piazzolla, Daniele; Scanu, Sergio; Mancini, Emanuele; Madonia, Alice; Piermattei, Viviana ; Marcelli, Marco 
4-Jun-2018Spatio-temporal variations of benthic communities associated with the Posidonia oceanica seagrass (meadow and Sabellaria alveolata bioconstrictions)Mancini, Emanuele
2021Trophic, Chemo-Ecological and Sex-Specific Insights on the Relation Between Diplodus sargus (Linnaeus, 1758) and the Invasive Caulerpa cylindracea (Sonder, 1845)Miccoli, Andrea ; Mancini, Emanuele; Boschi, Marco; Provenza, Francesca; Lelli, Veronica; Tiralongo, Francesco; Renzi, Monia; Terlizzi, Antonio; Bonamano, Simone ; Marcelli, Marco