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2023Ag-IoT application for Vital Monitoring of Plant Ecophysiological Data and Soil ParametersAsgharinia, Shahla; Lembo, Micaela; Eramo, Vanessa; Forniti, Roberto; Renzi, Francesco; Valentini, Riccardo ; Botondi, Rinaldo 
2022Effects of gaseous ozone treatment on the mite pest control and qualitative properties during ripening storage of pecorino cheeseGrasso, Claudia; Eramo, Vanessa; Lembo, Micaela; Forniti, Roberto; Carboni, Cristian; Botondi, Rinaldo 
2023The Use of Ozone Technology: An Eco-Friendly Method for the Sanitization of the Dairy Supply ChainBotondi, Rinaldo ; Lembo, Micaela; Carboni, Cristian; Eramo, Vanessa