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2022PRISMA L1 and L2 Performances within the PRISCAV Project: The Pignola Test Site in Southern ItalyPignatti, Stefano; Amodeo, Aldo; Carfora, Maria Francesca; Casa, Raffaele ; Mona, Lucia; Palombo, Angelo; Pascucci, Simone; Rosoldi, Marco; Santini, Federico; Laneve, Giovanni
2021Sino–eu earth observation data to support the monitoring and management of agricultural resourcesPignatti, Stefano; Casa, Raffaele ; Laneve, Giovanni; Li, Zhenhai; Liu, Linyi; Marzialetti, Pablo; Mzid, Nada; Pascucci, Simone; Silvestro, Paolo Cosmo; Tolomio, Massimo; Upreti, Deepak; Yang, Hao; Yang, Guijun; Huang, Wenjiang