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2014A full greenhouse gases budget of africa: Synthesis, uncertainties, and vulnerabilities". BIOGEOSCIENCES,Valentini, Riccardo ; F.; Ciais; P.; Grieco; E.; Hartmann; J.; Henry; M.; Houghton; Arneth; R. A.; Jung; Kutsch; W. L.; Malhi; Y.; Mayorga; Merbold; L.; Murray-tortarolo; A.; G.; Papale; D.; Peylin; Poulter; B.; Raymond; P. A.; Santini; Sitch; Bombelli; Vaglio Laurin; Van Der Werf; G. R.; Williams; C. A.; Scholes; R. J.; Castaldi; S.; Cazzolla Gatti; R.; Chevallier
2013The morphology, behaviour and molecular phylogeny of Phytophthora taxon Salixsoil and its redesignation as Phytophthora lacustris sp. novNechwatal, J.; Nechwatal; J.; Bakonyi; Cacciola; S. O.; Cooke; D. E. L.; Jung; T.; Nagy; Bakonyi, J.; Z. A.; Vannini; Vettraino, Anna Maria ; Brasier; C. M.; Cacciola, S. O.; Cooke, D. E. L.; Jung, T.; Nagy, Z. A.; Vannini, Andrea ; A.; Brasier, C. M.