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2011In vitro microtuberization for simulating the developmental physiology of underground storage organ in Helianthus tuberosusGutiérrez-Pesce, Patricia; Bizzarri, Marco; Rugini, Eddo; De Pace, Ciro
2004Influence of plant growth regulators, carbon sources and iron on the cyclic secondary somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration of transgenic cherry rootstock ‘Colt’ (Prunus avium x P. pseudocerasus)Gutiérrez-Pesce, Patricia; Rugini, Eddo
2008KiwifruitGutiérrez-Pesce, Patricia; Rugini, Eddo
2009Micro-methods for genotypic screening of hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) seeds to accelerate breeding for seed metabolite improvementKuzmanović, Ljiljana ; Delfini, Maurizio; Rugini, Eddo; Gutiérrez-Pesce, Patricia; De Pace, Ciro
2009Micropropagation of Teucrium fruticans L., an ornamental and medicinal plantFrabetti, Marco; Gutiérrez-Pesce, Patricia; Mendoza-de Gyves, Emilio; Rugini, Eddo
2011OleaRugini, Eddo; De Pace, Ciro; Gutiérrez-Pesce, Patricia; Muleo, Rosario
2008OliveRugini, Eddo; Gutiérrez-Pesce, Patricia; Muleo, Rosario