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2014Application of response surface methodology (RSM) for culture conditions and biomass production of psychrophilic microalgae isolated from high mountain lake during the ice-free seasonAndrade, L.; Gonzalez-lopez, J.; Fenice, Massimiliano ; Martinez-toledo, M. V.; Pesciaroli, C.; Maza-marquez, P.; Juarez-jimenez, B.
2008Production of chitinolytic enzymes by a strain (BM17) of Paenibacillus pabuli isolated from crab shells samples collected in the east sector of central Tyrrhenian SeaJuarez-jimenez, B.; Rodelas, B.; Martinez-toledo, M. V.; Gonzalez-lopez, J.; Crognale, Silvia ; Gallo, A. M.; Pesciaroli, C.; Fenice, M.