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1990Central metabolism in extreme thermophilesGiardina, P.; Poerio, Elia ; Buonocore, V.
1984Characterization of chicken pancreas -amylase isozymes and interaction with protein inhibitors from wheat kernelBuonocore, V.; Giardina, P.; Parlamenti, R.; Poerio, Elia ; Silano, V.
1984Glucose metabolism in the extreme thermoacidophilic archaebacterium Sulfolobus solfataricusDe Rosa, M.; Gambacorta, A.; Nicolaus, B.; Giardina, P.; Poerio, Elia ; Buonocore, V.
1985Purification and properties of an -amylase tetrameric inhibitor from wheat kernelBuonocore, V.; De Biasi , M. G.; Giardina, P.; Poerio, Elia ; Silano, V.