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2020Antimicrobial testing of Schinus molle leaf extracts and their derived fractions followed by GC-MS investigation of biological active fractionsTurchetti, G.; Garzoli, S.; Laghezza Masci, V.; Sabia, C.; Iseppi, R.; Giacomello, P.; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Ovidi, E.
2020Apoptotic Effects on HL60 Human Leukaemia Cells Induced by Lavandin Essential Oil TreatmentLaghezza Masci, V.; Ovidi, E.; Taddei, Ar; Turchetti, G.; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Giacomello, P.; Garzoli, S.
2011Chemically modified multiwalled carbon nanotubes electrodes with ferrocene derivatives through reactive landingPepi, F.; Tata, A.; Garzoli, S.; Giacomello, P.; Ragno, R.; Patsilinakos, A.; Fusco, M.D.; D'Annibale, A.; Cannistraro, Salvatore ; Baldacchini, C. ; Favero, G.; Frasconi, M.; Mazzei, F.
2019Liquid and vapour phase of lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia) essential oil chemical composition and antimicrobial activityGarzoli, S.; Turchetti, G.; Giacomello, P.; Tiezzi, Antonio ; Laghezza Masci, V.; Ovidi, E.