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2009A candidate for Lr19, an exotic gene conditioning leaf rust resistance in wheatGennaro, Andrea; Koebner, Robert M.D.; Ceoloni, Carla
2009Cytogenetic and molecular characterization of durum wheat chromosome transfers with 1D-associated gluten protein genes and their pyramidingGennaro, Andrea; Forte, Paola; Lattanzi, Gionata; Ferri, Daniela; Carozza, Roberta; D'Egidio, Maria Grazia; Lafiandra, Domenico; Ceoloni, Carla
2010Durum wheat-Thinopyrum ponticum recombinant lines: a tool to finely describe homoeologous 7L arm regions.Gennaro, Andrea; Kuzmanović, Ljiljana; Giorgi, Debora; Grossi, Rosaria; Bitti, Alessandra; Quarrie, Steve A.; Ceoloni, Carla
2010Genetic and cytogenetic maps of durum wheat-Thinopyrum ponticum recombinant chromosomes: a tool to finely describe Triticeae 7L arms and to target alien traits.Gennaro, Andrea; Kuzmanović, Ljiljana; Forte, Paola; Lattanzi, Gionata; Grossi, Rosaria; Bitti, Alessandra; Giorgi, Debora; Ceoloni, Carla
2007Identification of candidate genes for traits of relevant breeding value transferred from a wild relative to wheat.Gennaro, Andrea; Ceoloni, Carla
2007Pyramiding different alien chromosome segments in durum wheat: feasibility and breeding potentialGennaro, Andrea; Forte, Paola; Carozza, Roberta; Savo Sardaro, Luisa Maria; Ferri, Daniela; Bitti, Alessandra; Borrelli, Grazia Maria; D'Egidio, Maria Grazia; Ceoloni, Carla
2009Pyramiding into durum and bread wheat fusarium head blight resistance and other useful traits from Thinopyrum ponticum.Kuzmanović, Ljiljana; Gennaro, Andrea; Bitti, Alessandra; Ceoloni, Carla
2007A QTL for grain yield on 7AL of wheat is activated by ABA and low nutrient treatments during flag leaf ontogenyQuarrie, Steve A.; Kaminska, Agnieszka; Barnes, James; Gennaro, Andrea; Dodig, Dejan
2009Segregation distortion following introgression of Thinopyrum ponticum into durum wheat.Grossi, Rosaria; Gennaro, Andrea; Forte, Paola; Bitti, Alessandra; Ceoloni, Carla