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2014Above-ground woody carbon sequestration measured from tree rings is coherent with net ecosystem productivity at five eddy-covariance sitesBabst, F.; Kostner, B.; Grunwald, T.; Seufert, G.; Ciais, P.; Frank, D.; Bouriaud, O.; Papale, Dario ; Gielen, B.; Janssens , I. A.; Nikinmaa, E.; Ibrom, A.; Wu, J.; Bernhofer, C.
2018Biodiversity patterns of dry grasslands in the Central Apennines (Italy) along a precipitation gradientFilibeck, Goffredo ; Bckle, C.; Che, R.; Conti, F.; Dembicz, I.; Fantinato, E.; Frank, D.; Frattaroli Ar; Garcia-mijangos, I.; Guglielmino, Adalgisa ; Janiov, M.; Cancellieri, L.; Maestri, S.; Magnes, M.; Rosati, L.; Vynokurov, D.; Dengler, J.; Sperandii, M. G.; Biurrun, I.; Sperandii Mg; Belonovskaya, E.; Sobolev Tsarevskaya, N. N.; Becker, T.; Berastegi, A.
2013Climate extremes and the carbon cycleReichstein, M.; Frank , D. C.; Papale, Dario ; Rammig, A.; Smith, P.; Thonicke, K.; Van Der Velde, M.; Vicca, S.; Walz, A.; Wattenbach, M.; Bahn, M.; Ciais, P.; Frank, D.; Mahecha , M. D.; Seneviratne , S. I.; Zscheischler, J.; Beer, C.; Buchmann, N.
2013Steppes of Southern Siberia Experiences from the 6th EDGG Research Expedition to Khakassia, Russia (22 July 1 August 2013)Janiov; Filibeck, Goffredo ; Frank, D.; Guarino, R.; Jaunatre, R.; Kozub; Polyakova, M.; Suzuki, K.; Dengler, J.; M.; Becker; T.; U.; Demina; O.; Dembicz, I.; Ermakov, N.
2009Temporal and among-site variability of inherent water use efficiency at the ecosystem levelBeer, C.; Frank, D.; Gianelle, D.; Janssens , I. A.; Knohl, A.; Kstner, B.; Moors, E.; Roupsard, O.; Verbeeck, H.; Vesala, T.; Williams , C. A.; Ciais, P.; Wohlfahrt, G.; Reichstein, M.; Baldocchi, D.; Law , B. E.; Papale, Dario ; Soussana -f, J.; Ammann, C.; Buchmann, N.