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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A matching procedure to improve k-NN estimation of forest attribute mapsBaffetta, Federica; Corona, Piermaria; Fattorini, Lorenzo
2007Aerial assessment of landscape net change by means of two-phase network sampling: an application to central ItalyCorona, Piermaria; Fattorini, Lorenzo; Pompei, Enrico
2008Area-based lidar-assisted estimation of forest standing volumeCorona, Piermaria; Fattorini, Lorenzo
2011Assessing the attributes of scattered trees outside the forest by a multi-phase sampling strategyBaffetta, Federica; Corona, Piermaria; Fattorini, Lorenzo
2009Design-based approach to k-nearest neighbours technique for coupling field and remotely sensed data in forest surveysBaffetta, Federica; Fattorini, Lorenzo; Franceschi, Sara; Corona, Piermaria
2011Design-based diagnostics for k-NN estimators of forest resourcesBaffetta, Federica; Corona, Piermaria; Fattorini, Lorenzo
2015Design-based strategies for sampling spatial units from regular grids with applications to forest surveys, land use, and land cover estimationFattorini, Lorenzo; Corona, Piermaria; Chirici, Gherardo; Pagliarella, Maria Chiara
2014Design-based treatment of missing data in forest inventories using canopy heights from aerial laser scanningCorona, Piermaria; Chirici, Gherardo; Franceschi, Sara; Maffei, Daniela; Marcheselli, Marzia; Pisani, Caterina; Fattorini, Lorenzo
2007Estimating forest area at the year 1990 by two-phase sampling on historical remotely sensed imagery in ItalyCorona, Piermaria; Fattorini, Lorenzo; Chirici, Gherardo; Valentini, Riccardo; Marchetti, Marco
2009Estimating the volume of forest growing stock using auxiliary information derived from relascope or ocular assessmentsCorona, Piermaria; Fattorini, Lorenzo; Franceschi, Sara
2011Estimation of small woodlot and tree row attributes in large-scale forest inventoriesBaffetta, Federica; Fattorini, Lorenzo; Corona, Piermaria
2012Extending large-scale forest inventories to assess urban forestsCorona, Piermaria; Agrimi, Mariagrazia; Baffetta, Federica; Barbati, Anna; Chiriacò, Maria Vincenza; Fattorini, Lorenzo; Pompei, Enrico; Valentini, Riccardo; Mattioli, Walter
2012Land use inventory as framework for environmental accounting: an application in ItalyCorona, Piermaria; Barbati, Anna; Tomao, Antonio; Bertani, Remo; Valentini, Riccardo; Marchetti, Marco; Fattorini, Lorenzo; Perugini, Lucia
2013Large-scale pan-european forest monitoring network: A statistical perspective for designing and combining country estimates. Example for defoliationTravaglini, Davide; Chirici, Gherardo; Bottalico, Francesca; Ferretti, Marco; Corona, Piermaria; Barbati, Anna; Fattorini, Lorenzo
2014Mapping by spatial predictors exploiting remotely sensed and ground data: a comparative design-based perspectiveCorona, Piermaria; Fattorini, Lorenzo; Franceschi, Sara; Chirici, Gherardo; Maselli, Fabio; Secondi, Luca
2021Model-assisted estimation of forest attributes exploiting remote sensing information to handle spatial under-coverageFranceschi, Sara; Chirici, Gherardo; Fattorini, Lorenzo; Giannetti, Francesca; Corona, Piermaria 
2010Monitoring and assessing old-growth forest stands by plot samplingCorona, Piermaria; Blasi, Carlo; Chirici, Gherardo; Facioni, Laura; Fattorini, Lorenzo; Ferrari, Barbara
2015Sampling strategies for estimating forest cover from remote sensing-based two-stage inventoriesCorona, Piermaria; Fattorini, Lorenzo; Pagliarella, Maria Chiara
2016Stima dei danni da vento ai soprassuoli forestali in Regione Toscana a seguito dell’evento del 5 marzo 2015Chirici, Gherardo; Bottalico, Francesca; Giannetti, Francesca; Rossi, Patrizia; Del Perugia, Barbara; Travaglini, Davide; Nocentini, Susanna; Marchi, Enrico; Foderi, Cristiano; Fioravanti, Marco; Guariglia, Annibale; Ciancio, Orazio; Bottai, Lorenzo; Corona, Piermaria; Gozzini, Bernardo; Fattorini, Lorenzo
2006The assessment of tree row attributes by stratified two-stage samplingCorona, Piermaria; Fattorini, Lorenzo