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2012Chianina beef tenderness investigated through integrated OmicsAlessandro, D. A.; C.; Rinalducci; S.; Mirasole; Failla; Marrocco, C.; Rinalducci, Sara ; Mirasole, C.; Failla, S.; Zolla, Lello ; D'alessandro; A.; Marrocco
2014Effects of the hunting method on meat quality from fallow deer and wild boar and preliminary studies for predicting lipid oxidation using visible reflectance spectraCifuni Gf; Amici, Andrea ; Cont, M.; Viola, P.; Failla, S.
2015Hunting area affects chemical and physical characteristics and fatty acid composition of wild boar (Sus scrofa) meatAmici, Andrea ; Cifuni Gf; Cont, M.; Esposito, L.; Failla, S.
2014Physical, nutritional properties of buffalo meat finished on hay or maize silagebased dietsCifuni, G.; Cont, M.; Amici, Andrea ; Failla, S.
2014Polymorphisms in twelve candidate genes are associated with growth, muscle lipid profile and meat quality traits in eleven European cattle breedsSevane, N.; Mangin, B.; Can, J.; Checa, M. L.; Garca, D.; Miranda, M. E.; Prez, R.; Christensen, M.; Ertbjerg, P.; Cris, A.; Marchitelli, C.; Armstrong, E.; Valentini, Alessio ; Failla, S.; Gigli, S.; Hocquette, J. F.; Nute, G.; Richardson, I.; Olleta, J. L.; Panea, B.; Saudo, C.; Razzaq, N.; Wiener, P.; Renand, G.; Williams, J. L.; Pong Wong, R.; Dunner, S.; Amarger, V.; Delourme, D.; Levziel, H.; Boitard, S.
2013Proximate composition and physical traits of fallow deer and wild boar meat as affected by different hunting methodsMeo Zilio, D.; Failla, S.; Cont, M.; Viola, P.; Serrani, F.; Amici, Andrea 
2016Skeletal muscle transcriptional profiles in two Italian beef breeds, Chianina and Maremmana, reveal breed specific variationBongiorni, S.; Ferr, F.; Gruber Ce; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Bueno, S.; Failla, S.; Moioli, B.; Ferrè, F.; Valentini, Alessio ; Gruber, C. E. M.
2012Some traits of fallow deer and wild boar meat as affected by hunting withdrawalAmici, Andrea ; Meo Zilio, D.; Ficco, A.; Primi, Riccardo ; Serrani, F.; Failla, S.; Cont, M.
2016Transcriptomic investigation of meat tenderness in two Italian cattle breedsBongiorni, S.; Gruber Ce; Bueno, S.; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Ferr, F.; Failla, S.; Moioli, B.; Valentini, Alessio ; Gruber, C. E. M.