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2018Analysis of a Fuel Cell Combined Heat and Power Plant Under Realistic Smart Management ScenariosFacci, Andrea Luigi; Ubertini, Stefano
18-Nov-2019Analysis of the performances of a fuel cell CHP system under different energy demand and climate scenariosFacci, Andrea Luigi; Loreti, Gabriele
1-Feb-2019Combined heat, cooling, and power systems based on half effect absorption chillers and polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsLoreti, Gabriele; Facci, Andrea Luigi; Baffo, Ilaria; Ubertini, Stefano
2018Meta-heuristic optimization for a high-detail smart management of complex energy systemsFacci, Andrea Luigi; Ubertini, Stefano
18-Nov-2019Numerical analysis of a CHCP system combining an absorption chiller and a low temperature PEM fuel cellFacci, Andrea Luigi; Loreti, Gabriele
15-Jan-2018Numerical modeling of an automotive derivative PEM Fuel cell CHP system with selective membranesFacci, Andrea Luigi; Loreti, Gabriele; Thijs, Peters; Ubertini, Stefano
25-Sep-2018Numerical modeling of an automotive derivative polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell cogeneration system with selective membranesLoreti, Gabriele; Facci, Andrea Luigi; Thijs, Peters; Ubertini, Stefano
17-Jun-2018Smart integration of photovoltaic production, heat pumps and thermal energy storage in residential applicationsFacci, Andrea Luigi; Krastev, Vesselin; Falcucci, Giacomo; Ubertini, Stefano