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2001Depth dependence of the analytical expression for the width of the point spread function (spatial resolution) in time-resolved transilluminationChernomordick, V.; Gandjbakhche, A.; Lepore, M.; Esposito, R.; Delfino, Ines 
2001Development of a time-domain tomographic system for optical imagingLepore, M.; Urso, G.; Esposito, R.; Bottalico, L.; Esposito, M.; Falco, M. D.; Delfino, Ines ; Indovina, P. L.
2017Dynamical and structural properties of flavin adenine dinucleotide in aqueous solutions and bound to free and sol-gel immobilized glucose oxidaseDelfino, Ines ; Esposito, R.; Portaccio, M.; Lepore, M.
2003Imaging small inhomogeneities by time-resolved laser transmittance measurements using different reconstruction proceduresEsposito, R.; Delfino, Ines ; Lepore, M.; Indovina, P. L.
2004A perturbation approach for optical characterization of absorbitive inclusions in diffusing media, Journal of Optics AEsposito, R.; De Nicola, S.; Lepore, M.; Delfino, Ines ; Indovina, P. L.
2005A perturbation approach for optical characterization of absorptive inclusions in diffusing media by time-resolved contrast measurementsEsposito, R.; De Nicola, S. M.; Lepore, M.; Delfino, Ines ; Indovina, P. L.
2002Preparation and characterization of phantom objects for optical imaging by time-resolved transmittance and fluorescenceBottalico, L.; Delfino, Ines ; Esposito, R.; Lepore, M.
2008Static and dynamic light scattering properties of Intralipid aqueous suspensions for tissue phantom preparation and calibrationDelfino, Ines ; Esposito, R.; Piccirillo, B.; Gaeta, G. M.; Lepore, M.
2013Time-Resolved Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide Fluorescence Study of the Interaction Between Immobilized Glucose Oxidase and GlucoseEsposito, R.; Delfino, Ines ; Lepore, M.