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2016A Global Scale Scenario for Prebiotic Chemistry: Silica-Based Self-Assembled Mineral Structures and FormamideSaladino, Raffaele ; Botta, Giorgia; Bizzarri, Bruno Mattia ; Di Mauro, Ernesto; Garcia Ruiz, Juan Manuel
2010Borate minerals and RNA stabilityCossetti, Cristina; Crestini, Claudia; Saladino, Raffaele; Di Mauro, Ernesto
2020High-Energy Proton-Beam-Induced Polymerization/Oxygenation of Hydroxynaphthalenes on Meteorites and Nitrogen Transfer from Urea: Modeling Insoluble Organic Matter?Bizzarri, Bruno Mattia; Manini, Paola; Lino, Valeria; d'Ischia, Marco; Kapralov, Michail; Krasavin, Eugene; Mráziková, Klaudia; Šponer, Jiří; Šponer, Judit E; Di Mauro, Ernesto; Saladino, Raffaele 
2021Prebiotic Organic Chemistry of Formamide and the Origin of Life in Planetary Conditions: What We Know and What Is the FutureBizzarri, Bruno Mattia; Saladino, Raffaele ; Delfino, Ines ; García-Ruiz, Juan Manuel; Di Mauro, Ernesto
2010The role of the formamide/zirconia system in the synthesis of nucleobases and biogenic carboxylic acid derivativesSaladino, Raffaele; Neri, Veronica; Crestini, Claudia; Costanzo, Giovanna; Graciotti, Michele; Di Mauro, Ernesto