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2013ANALYSIS OF AN INNOVATIVE SMALL SCALE SOLAR THERMAL POWER PLANT WITH OSMOSIS DESALINATIONBocci, E.; Villarini, Mauro ; Sbordone, D.; Di Carlo, A.; Dellera, A.; Falvo Carlini, M. C. M.
2015Energy and economic analysis of a residential solar organic Rankine plantBocci, E.; Villarini, Mauro ; Vecchione, L.; Sbordone, D.; Di Carlo, A.; Dellera, A.
2013EXPERIMENTAL TESTS TO RECOVER AND STABILIZE THE PHOTOVOLTAIC POWERDellera, A.; Bocci, E.; Boeri, F.; Di Carlo, A.; Sbordone, D.; Villarini, Mauro 
2015Experimental Tests to Recover the Photovoltaic Power by battery systemDellera, A.; Bocci, E.; Sbordone, D.; Villarini, Mauro ; Boeri, F.; Di Carlo, A.; Zuccari, F.
2013Technical-Economic Analysis of an Innovative Cogenerative Small Scale Biomass Gasification Power PlantBocci, E.; Di Carlo, A.; Vecchione, L.; Villarini, Mauro ; De Falco, M.; Dellera, A.