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2020A transient Stochastic Rainfall Generator for climate changes analysis at hydrological scales in Central ItalyDe Luca, D.L.; Petroselli, Andrea ; Galasso L.A
2022An evidence for enhancing the design hydrograph estimation for small and ungauged basins in EthiopiaAYALEW, D.W.; Petroselli, Andrea ; De Luca, D.L.; Grimaldi, Salvatore 
2022Combined basin-scale and decentralized flood risk assessment: A methodological approach for preliminary flood risk assessmentVojtek, M.; Vojtekova , J.; De Luca, D.L.; Petroselli, Andrea 
2022Continuous hydrologic modelling for small and ungauged basins: A comparison of eight rainfall models for sub-daily runoff simulationsGrimaldi, Salvatore ; Volpi, E.; Langousis, A.; Papalexiou, S.M.; De Luca, D.L.; Piscopia, R.; Nerantzaki, S.; Papacharalampous, G.; Petroselli, Andrea