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2015Agroforestry biotechnology and their perceptionRaparelli, E.; Bajocco, S.; Costa, C.; Franco, Silvio ; Cicatiello, C.; Scarascia Mugnozza, G.
2011Assessment of the mechanical properties of Tarocco orange fruit under parallel plate compressionPallottino, F.; Costa, C.; Menesatti, P.; Moresi, Mauro 
2015Automated determination of poplar chip size distribution based on combined image and multivariate analysesFebbi, P.; Menesatti, P.; Costa, C.; Pari, L.; Cecchini, Massimo 
2020Bibliometric analysis and mapping of publications on brewing science from 1940 to 2018Pallottino, F.; Cimini, Alessio ; Costa, C.; Antonucci, F.; Menesatti, P.; Moresi, M.
2014Hyperspectral VisibleNear Infrared Determination of Arsenic Concentration in SoilStazi Sr; Antonucci, F.; Pallottino, F.; Costa, C.; Marabottini, R.; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; Menesatti, P.
2018Machine vision retrofit system for mechanicalweed control in precision agriculture applicationsPallottino, F.; Menesatti, P.; Figorilli, S.; Tomasone, R.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Costa, C.
2017Precision forestryCorona, Piermaria ; Sperandio, G.; Verani, S.; Turco, R.; Bernardini, V.; Plutino, M.; Scrinzi, G.; Chianucci, F.; Quatrini, V.; Civitarese, V.; Clementel, F.; Costa, C.; Floris, A.; Menesatti, P.; Puletti, N.
2019Stereovision system for estimating tractors and agricultural machines transit area under orchards canopyCosta, C.; Febbi, P.; Pallottino, F.; Cecchini, Massimo ; Figorilli, S.; Antonucci, F.; Menesatti, P.
2015Sustainability assessment of a self-consumption wood-energy chain on small scale for heat generation in central ItalyVerani, S.; Sperandio, G.; Picchio, Rodolfo ; Marchi, E.; Costa, C.
2012Viscoelastic Properties of Tarocco Orange FruitMoresi, Mauro ; Pallottino, F.; Costa, C.; Menesatti, P.