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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Above-ground biomass prediction by Sentinel-1 multitemporal data in central Italy with integration of ALOS2 and Sentinel-2 dataVaglio Laurin, G.; Balling, J.; Corona, P.; Mattioli, W.; Papale, Dario ; Puletti, N.; Rizzo, M.; Truckenbrodt Urban, J. M.
2012Airborne Laser Scanningto support forest resource management under alpine, temperate and Mediterranean environments in ItalyCorona, P.; Travaglini, D.; Torresan, C.; Cartisano, R.; Salvati, Riccardo ; Chirici, G.; Floris, A.; Di Martino, P.; Marchetti, M.; Scrinzi, G.; Clementel, F.
2011Annex 1Barbati, Anna ; Corona, P.; Marchetti, M.
2013Assessing impact of forest cover change dynamics on high nature value farmland in Mediterranean mountain landscapeCimini, D.; Tomao, A.; Mattioli, W.; Barbati, Anna ; Corona, P.
2005Assessment of full carbon budget of ItalyPapale, Dario ; Valentini, R.; Castaldi, S.; Ciccioli, P.; Corona, P.; Di Tizio, A.; Masci, A.; Maglietta, F.; Reichstein, M.; Vannini, A.
2012Chapter 3. Economic, Legal and Social Aspects of Post-Fire ManagementMavsar, R.; Varela, E.; Corona, P.; Barbati, Anna ; Marsh, G.
2015Chapter 4. The Role of Managed Forest EcosystemBarbati, Anna ; Corona, P.
2016Discrimination of tropical forest types, dominant species, and mapping of functional guilds by hyperspectral and simulated multispectral Sentinel-2 dataVaglio Laurin, G.; Puletti, N.; Hawthorne, W.; Liesenberg, V.; Corona, P.; Papale, Dario ; Chen, Q.; Valentini, Riccardo 
2015Estimating the sensitivity to desertification of Italian forestsSalvati, R.; Salvati, L.; Corona, P.; Barbati, Anna ; Ferrara, A.
2014Estimating the sensitivity to desertification of Italian forests. IFOREST, e1-e8,Salvati, Riccardo ; Salvati, L.; Corona, P.; Barbati, A.; Ferrara, A.
2006European forest types. Categories and types for sustainable forest management and reportingBarbati, Anna ; Corona, P.; Marchetti, M.
2009Evaluating the Effects of Environmental Changes on the Gross Productivity of Italian ForestsMaselli, F.; Moriondo, M.; Chiesi, M.; Chirici, G.; Puletti, N.; Barbati, Anna ; Corona, P.
2002Indicazioni operative per la gestione delle risorse forestali nei Parchi NazionaliBarbati, Anna ; Corona, P.; Ferrari, B.; Marchetti, M.; Nocentini, S.
2014Is randomized branch sampling suitable to assess wood volumeof temperate broadleaved old-growth forests?. FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, p. 225-230,Chirici, G.; Puletti, N.; Salvati, Riccardo ; Arbi, F.; Zolli, C.; Corona, P.
2008Land suitability for short rotation coppice plantations assessed through fuzzy membership functionsCorona, P.; Salvati, R.; Barbati, Anna ; Chirici, G.
2011Landscape-wildfire interactions in southern EuropeMoreira, F.; Xanthopoulos, G.; Mouillot, F.; Bilgili, E.; Viedma, O.; Arianoutsou, M.; Curt, T.; Koutsias, N.; Rigolot, E.; Barbati, Anna ; Corona, P.; Vaz, P.
2013Large-Scale Pan-European Forest Monitoring Network. A Statistical Perspective for Designing and Combining Country Estimates. Example for DefoliationTravaglini, D.; Chirici, G.; Bottalico, F.; Ferretti, M.; Corona, P.; Barbati, Anna ; Fattorini, L.
2012Modeling primary production using a 1 km dailymeteorological data setMaselli, F.; Pasqui, M.; Chirici, G.; Chiesi, M.; Fibbi, L.; Salvati, Riccardo ; Corona, P.
2016Modeling the influence of alternative forest management scenarios on wood production and carbon storageBottalico, F.; Giannico, V.; Lafortezza, R.; Lombardi, F.; Marchetti, M.; Nocentini, S.; Riccioli, F.; Travaglini, D.; Sallustio, L.; Pesola, L.; Vizzarri, M.; Antonello, L.; Barbati, Anna ; Chirici, G.; Corona, P.; Cullotta, S.; Garf, V.