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2020Artichoke inoculation with Rhizoglomus irregulare, Funneliformis mosseae, and Trichoderma koningii changes metabolic profile of headsErice, G.; Colosimo, F.; Lucini, L.; Rouphael, Y.; Colla, Giuseppe ; Cirino, V.; Bonini, P.
2019Bacteria Associated With a Commercial Mycorrhizal Inoculum: Community Composition and Multifunctional Activity as Assessed by Illumina Sequencing and Culture-Dependent ToolsAgnolucci, M.; Giovannetti, M.; Avio, L.; Pepe, A.; Turrini, A.; Cristani, C.; Bonini, P.; Cirino, V.; Colosimo, F.; Ruzzi, Maurizio 
2016An Innovative Agro-Forestry Supply Chain for Residual BiomassZambon, I.; Colosimo, F.; Monarca, D.; Cecchini, Massimo ; Gallucci, F.; Proto, A. R.; Lord, R.; Colantoni, Andrea ; Proto, A.
2016An innovative agro-forestry supply chain for residual biomass: Physicochemical characterisation of biochar from olive and hazelnut pelletsZambon, I.; Colosimo, F.; Monarca, Danilo ; Cecchini, M.; Gallucci, F.; Proto, A. R.; Lord, R.; Colantoni, A.