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2018Corrigendum: Loss of the Arabidopsis Protein Kinases ANPs Affects Root Cell Wall Composition, and Triggers the Cell Wall Damage SyndromeGigli Bisceglia, Nora; Savatin, Daniel Valentin ; Cervone, Felice; Engelsdorf, Timo; De Lorenzo, Giulia
2011Engineering plant resistance by constructing chimeric receptors that recognize damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs)De Lorenzo, Giulia; Brutus, Alexandre; Savatin, Daniel Valentin ; Sicilia, Francesca; Cervone, Felice
2010Engineering the cell wall by reducing de-methyl-esterified homogalacturonan improves saccharification of plant tissues for bioconversionLionetti, Vincenzo; Francocci, Fedra; Ferrari, Simone; Volpi, Chiara; Bellincampi, Daniela; Galletti, Roberta; D'Ovidio, Renato; De Lorenzo, Giulia; Cervone, Felice
2016GRP-3 and KAPP, encoding interactors of WAK1, negatively affect defense responses induced by oligogalacturonides and local response to woundingGramegna, Giovanna; Modesti, Vanessa; Savatin, Daniel Valentin ; Sicilia, Francesca; Cervone, Felice; De Lorenzo, Giulia
6-Jun-2017Homeostasis of oligogalacturonides (OGs) and their activity as damage associated molecular patterns (DAMPs)Verrascina, Ilaria
2017Immune responses induced by oligogalacturonides are differentially affected by AvrPto and loss of BAK1/BKK1 and PEPR1/PEPR2Gravino, Matteo; Locci, Federica; Tundo, Silvio; Cervone, Felice; Savatin, Daniel Valentin ; De Lorenzo, Giulia
2013Oligogalacturonides: plant damage-associated molecular patterns and regulators of growth and developmentFerrari, Simone; Savatin, Daniel Valentin ; Sicilia, Francesca; Gramegna, Giovanna; Cervone, Felice; Lorenzo, Giulia De
2014The Arabidopsis NUCLEUS- AND PHRAGMOPLAST-LOCALIZED KINASE1-Related Protein Kinases Are Required for Elicitor-Induced Oxidative Burst and ImmunitySavatin, Daniel Valentin ; Bisceglia, Nora Gigli; Marti, Lucia; Fabbri, Claudia; Cervone, Felice; De Lorenzo, Giulia
2021The intracellular ROS accumulation in elicitor-induced immunity requires the multiple organelle-targeted Arabidopsis NPK1-related protein kinasesMarti, Lucia; Savatin, Daniel Valentin ; Gigli-Bisceglia, Nora; de Turris, Valeria; Cervone, Felice; De Lorenzo, Giulia
2014Wounding in the plant tissue: the defense of a dangerous passageSavatin, Daniel Valentin ; Gramegna, Giovanna; Modesti, Vanessa; Cervone, Felice