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2014How do we actually change the business as usual management of agricultural systems?Arslan, A.; Mann, W.; Mccarthy, N.; Paolantonio, A.; Phiri, G.; Spairani, A.; Asfaw, S.; Branca, Giacomo ; Cattaneo, A.; Cavatassi, R.; Grewer, U.; Kokwe, M.; Van Linh, N.; Lipper, L.
2017Increased Cytoplasmic TDP-43 Reduces Global Protein Synthesis by Interacting with RACK1 on PolyribosomesRusso, A.; Murray , E. M.; Dickson , D. W.; Scardigli, R.; La Regina, F.; Murray Me; Romano, Nicla ; Dickson Dw; Wolozin, B.; Cattaneo, A.; Ceci, Marcello 
2012Intranasal "painless" Human Nerve Growth Factors Slows Amyloid Neurodegeneration and Prevents Memory Deficits in App X PS1 MiceCapsoni, S.; Pavone, F.; Cattaneo, A.; Marinelli, S.; Ceci, Marcello ; Vignone, D.; Amato, G.; Malerba, F.; Paoletti, F.; Meli, G.; Viegi, A.
2014Neutralization of Nerve Growth Factor impairs proliferation and differentiation of adult neural progenitors in the subventricular zoneScardigli, R.; Capsoni, S.; Cattaneo, A.; Capelli, P.; Vignone, D.; Brandi, R.; Ceci, Marcello ; La Regina, F.; Piras, E.; Cintoli, S.; Berardi, N.
2012RACK1 is a ribosome scaffold protein for beta-actin mRNA/ZBP1 complexCeci, Marcello ; Welshhans, K.; Ciotti Mt; Brandi, R.; Parisi, C.; Paoletti, F.; Pistillo, L.; Bassell Gj; Cattaneo, A.
2016Synergies between food security, climate change adaptation and mitigationBranca, Giacomo ; Paolantonio, A.; Grewer, U.; Cavatassi, R.; Longwe, A.; Cattaneo, A.; Vetter, S.; Lipper, L.