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1995Cytogenetic effects of a naturally occurring ice-nucleation-inactive (non-INA) Pseudomonas fluorescens bacteria strain in Chinesi hamster ovary (CHO) cellsCaruso, P.; Andreozzi, L.; Mosesso, Pasquale 
1994Cytogenetic effects of Fusarium oxysporum in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells and Chinese hamster epithelial liver (CHEL) cellsCaruso, P.; Betta, E.; Andreozzi, L.; Garofalo, M.; Motta, S.; Mosesso, Pasquale ; Saccone; Catara, A.
1996Evaluation of cytogenetic effects of natural antagonists of phytopathogens of Fusarium oxysporum fungi in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cellsMosesso, Pasquale ; Caruso, P.; Betta, E.; Motta, S.; Saccone, S.; Palitti; Catara, A.
2007Gaussian gridSanna, Nico ; Castrignano, T.; De Meo Donorio, P.; Carrabino, D.; Grandi, A.; Morelli, G.; Caruso, P.; Barone, V.
1994Two related pesticides show different clastogenic activity in Chinese hamster cells in vitroCaruso, P.; Betta, E.; Andreozzi, L.; Garofalo, M. R.; Motta, S.; Fonti, E.; Mosesso, Pasquale 
1992The use of an in vivo short-term assay with Ortoptera acrididae to detect potential genotoxic effects induced by Pseudomonas fluorescence (INA -)Motta, S.; Caruso, P.; Cutrufo, G.; Mosesso, Pasquale