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2017A sustainable use of Ricotta Cheese Whey for microbial biodiesel productionCarota, Eleonora; Crognale, Silvia ; D'Annibale, Alessandro ; Gallo, Anna Maria; Stazi, Silvia Rita ; Petruccioli, Maurizio 
2018Bioconversion of agro-industrial waste into microbial oils by filamentous fungiCarota, Eleonora; Crognale, Silvia ; D'Annibale, Alessandro ; Petruccioli, Maurizio 
2021Characterization of the bioaerosol in a natural thermal cave and assessment of the risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virusScungio, Mauro ; Crognale, Silvia ; Lelli, Davide; Carota, Eleonora; CalabrĂ², Giuseppe 
2021Lignocellulolytic potential of the recently described species aspergillus olivimuriae on different solid wastesCarota, Eleonora; Crognale, Silvia ; Russo, Cristina; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; D'Annibale, Alessandro 
20-Apr-2018Microbial oil production from yeasts and moulds grown on agro-Industrial wasteCarota, Eleonora
2020Mixed glycerol and orange peel-based substrate for fed-batch microbial biodiesel productionCarota, Eleonora; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; D'annibale, Alessandro; Crognale, Silvia
2021Polymer Materials for Respiratory Protection: Processing, End Use, and Testing MethodsArmentano, Ilaria ; Barbanera, Marco ; Carota, Eleonora; Crognale, Silvia ; Marconi, Marco ; Rossi, Stefano ; Scungio, Mauro ; Taborri, Juri ; CalabrĂ², Giuseppe ; Rubino, Gianluca 
2019Production of lignin-modifying enzymes by Trametes ochracea on high-molecular weight fraction of olive mill wastewater, a byproduct of olive oil biorefineryVaidya, Viniti; Carota, Eleonora; Calonzi, Dario; Petruccioli, Maurizio ; D'Annibale, Alessandro 
2021Use of photo catalytic oxidation for the post-harvest storage of fruit and vegetablesFalconi, Vincenzo; Paolini, Giulio; Moscetti, Roberto ; Crognale, Silvia ; Carota, Eleonora; Bandiera, Andrea; Massantini, Riccardo 
2021Valorization of winery and distillery by-products by hydrothermal carbonizationBarbanera, Marco ; Cardarelli, Alessandro; Carota, Eleonora; Castellini, Marco; Giannoni, Tommaso; Ubertini, Stefano