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2022Computational fluid dynamics analysis of biochar combustion in a simulated ironmaking electric arc furnaceCardarelli, Alessandro; De Santis, Michele; Cirilli, Filippo; Barbanera, Marco 
2022Effect of torrefaction temperature on spent coffee grounds thermal behaviour and kineticsCardarelli, Alessandro; Pinzi, Sara; Barbanera, Marco 
2020On the self-heating behavior of upgraded biochar pellets blended with pyrolysis oil: Effects of process parametersRiva, Lorenzo; Cardarelli, Alessandro; Andersen, Geir Johan; Buø, Therese Videm; Barbanera, Marco ; Bartocci, Pietro; Fantozzi, Francesco; Nielsen, Henrik Kofoed
2021Preliminary environmental and economic assessment of polyurethane foam produced by microwave-assisted liquefaction of riparian shrubsCardarelli, Alessandro; Cotana, Franco; Baffo, ilaria ; Cavalaglio, Gianluca; Barbanera, Marco 
2022Using Life Cycle Assessment in tenders to enhance the sustainable procurement of External Thermal Insulation Composite SystemsCardarelli, Alessandro; Baffo, ilaria ; Ubertini, Stefano ; Barbanera, Marco 
2021Valorization of winery and distillery by-products by hydrothermal carbonizationBarbanera, Marco ; Cardarelli, Alessandro; Carota, Eleonora; Castellini, Marco; Giannoni, Tommaso; Ubertini, Stefano