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18-Jul-2011Advanced biophysical approaches to nano-bio-sensing: potential environmental and biomedical applications based on p53-azurin interactionDomenici, Fabio
22-Jun-2016Nanoscale investigation of environmental and biomedical systems by scanning probe microscopyCoppari, Emilia
5-May-2016Nanoscopic and spectroscopic methods to investigate biomolecular recognitions in cancer researchSantini, Simona
2010Observation of terahertz vibrations in the nitrogenase FeMo cofactor by femtosecond pump–probe spectroscopyDelfino, Ines; Cerullo, Giulio; Cannistraro, Salvatore; Manzoni, Cristian; Polli, Dario; Dapper, Christie; Newton, William E.; Guo, Yisong; Cramer, Stephen P.