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2024A machine learning-based classification model to support university students with dyslexia with personalized tools and strategiesZingoni, Andrea; Taborri, Juri ; Calabrò, Giuseppe
2024A machine learning-based classification model to support university students with dyslexia with personalized tools and strategiesZingoni, Andrea ; Taborri, Juri ; Calabrò, Giuseppe
14-Jun-2021Analisi ed efficientamento dei processi aziendali in smart working tramite sistemi ERP e Machine Learning: il caso di Datrix S.p.A.Dello Vicario, Paolo
2020Assessment of alternative divertor configurations as an exhaust solution for DEMOReimerdes, H.; Albanese, R.; Bufferand, H.; Calabrò, Giuseppe; Ciraolo, G.; Coster, D.; Fedorczak, N.; Ha, S.; Kembleton, R.; Lackner, K.; Loschiavo, V. P.; Ambrosino, R.; Lunt, T.; Marzullo, D.; Maurizio, R.; Militello, F.; Ramogida, G.; Subba, F.; Varoutis, S.; Zagórski, R.; Zohm, H.; Innocente, P.; Castaldo, A.; Chmielewski, P.; Di Gironimo, G.; Merriman, S.; Pericoli-ridolfini, V.; Aho-mantilla, L.
28-Jun-2019Design and realization of prototype of plasma facing unit and thermal shields of fusion reactorMaviglia, Fabio
2019Development of integrated innovative techniques for paintings examination: The case studies of The Resurrection of Christ attributed to Andrea Mantegna and the Crucifixion of Viterbo attributed to Michelangelo's workshopLaureti, Stefano; Colantonio, Claudia; Burrascano, Pietro; Melis, Marcello; Calabrò, Giuseppe; Malekmohammadi, Hamed; Sfarra, Stefano; Ricci, Marco; Pelosi, Claudia 
2019Enzyme-Lignin Nanocapsules Are Sustainable Catalysts and Vehicles for the Preparation of Unique Polyvalent BioinksCapecchi, Eliana; Piccinino, Davide; Bizzarri, Bruno Mattia ; Avitabile, Daniele; Pelosi, Claudia ; Colantonio, Claudia ; Calabrò, Giuseppe; Saladino, Raffaele 
24-Jun-2020Innovative non-invasive techniques for integrated imaging diagnostics of paintings and data analysisColantonio, Claudia
29-Apr-2022Multiphysics approach for the evaluation of electromagnetic behaviour of tokamak 3d structures during plasma disruptions and application to eu demo, DTT and st40 projectsLombroni, Riccardo
2020Optimal sizing and location of a fast charging infrastructure network for urban areasBaffo, Ilaria ; Minucci, Simone ; Ubertini, Stefano ; Calabrò, Giuseppe; Genovese, Antonino; Andrenacci, Natascia
2020Peculiarity of highly radiating multi-impurity seeded H-mode plasmas on JET with ITER-like wallHuber, A.; Sergienko, G.; Solano, E. R.; Giroud, C.; Groth, M.; Jachmich, S.; Linsmeier, Ch; Matthews, G. F.; Meigs, A. G.; Mertens, Ph; Sertoli, M.; Wischmeier, M.; Silburn, S.; Telesca, G.; Bernert, M.; Wiesen, S.; Glöggler, S.; Aleiferis, S.; Brezinsek, S.; Calabrò, Giuseppe; Carvalho, P.
24-Jun-2020Thermal, electromagnetic and structural analysis of plasma facing components of TCV tokamak by finite element methodsVaccaro, Dario