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2009A tool for sheep product quality: custom microarrays from public databasesBongiorni, Silvia; Chillemi, Giovanni; Prosperini, Gianluca; Bueno, Susana; Valentini, Alessio; Pariset, Lorraine
2013Antisense transcripts enhanced by camptothecin at divergent CpG-island promoters associated with bursts of topoisomerase I-DNA cleavage complex and R-loop formationMarinello, Jessica; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Bueno, Susana; Manzo, Stefano G; Capranico, Giovanni
2013Microarray gene expression profiling of neural tissues in bovine spastic paresisPariset, Lorraine; Bongiorni, Silvia; Bueno, Susana; Gruber, Cesare E M; Prosperini, Gianluca; Chillemi, Giovanni ; Bicorgna, Silvia; Gentile, Arcangelo; Valentini, Alessio 
6-Apr-2011Not working on mice or humansPariset, Lorraine; Bueno, Susana; Bongiorni, Silvia; Valentini, Alessio
8-Apr-2011Transcriptomic analysis of two sheep breeds during lactation, using a new custom microarray platformBongiorni, Silvia; Chillemi, Giovanni; Prosperini, Gianluca; Bueno, Susana; Signorelli, Federica; Moioli, Bianca; Pariset, Lorraine